Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Holy Cannoli Batman!


I know it's Camille's turn to post...
but I just cannot contain myself!

Sorry Camille!

That's what you get for sleeping in.....

(She is so going to kill me... AHHH!)

But I am completely speechless...
Ok, not really,
but this is as close to speechless as Bree gets!

I could not even have imagined the responses that we received since yesterday!
Way to go jessicamae, keep em coming,
you're on the fast track to getting our free kit!
Wendy, Melanie S., Bee and girls...
thanks for all the referrals, 

I am so overwhelmed that I think I might have to give away another prize!

(Again, Camille is going to kill me.  
I think she might actually tie me down this time. 
Trust me, her threats are REAL!)

SO I'll put all the names of all the comments in the last couple days and pick a name from the hat tomorrow...  for a nice little gift from Crop Suey!

Can't wait to hear more form you amazing ladies.
Have I told you all how much I lub you today?

Gotta run before Camille comes a hunting.



wendy said...

Throwing lub right back at you gals :).

It's the middle of the week! One day closer to the site opening :)!! Whoop Whoop.

Way to go everyone on the referrals...a referral is the best compliment you can give. Great to see the site growing more and more.

We got your back Bree.

Thanks for keeping the blog updated so much, it's so fun to come and see what you have blogged along with what others are commenting on :)

Have a great day everyone!

kristina k said...

You guys rock!!

Good luck to all you ladies that are sending referrals. Keep 'em coming! :)

Alecia said...

So glad I could get back here and get caught up, you girls are a HOOT!!

Trace Geworsky said...

You girls are the best!!!!!
Loving the "lub" hee hee
Trace G

redmom said...

You two rock, always a guaranteed giggle when I head in here!!! LOL

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I am loving seeing all these referrals! It's so exciting! I can hardly wait for September 1st!

Hugs everyone!

Irene S said...

I just found this site because Bee sent me! I love it!

Shannon said...

How exciting. I love it here...


Mel said...

Thanks for the site Bee

Jen said...

OMG... what a cute kit club.. Thanks bee for sending me here!!

LIz said...

omg... I love yor LO.. and KC... thanks to my good friend Bee for sending me!!

Brenda said...

Thanks to bee I found your site.. love your Lo!!!

Sabrina said...

Thanks Bee.. you always know of the most unique sites!!

Chole said...

wowzer ... what a great site.. Love your LO!! Thanks to Bee now I found a new KC I want to try!!

Jennifer M. said...

Thanks bee.. this place so suits me!!


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