Monday, September 1, 2008

It's here...we are open for business!!

It's hard to believe that September 1st is finally upon us. Check out our kits at....

Yes, those months of anticipation have come to fruition!

Bree and I have had a difficult time containing it all (actually, you know Bree has been struggling with this since the first day we started our blog!). But no holding back any longer!

Go check it out! You don't need to torment us any longer!

This has been a dream in the making for us. For more than a year now Bree and I have been working on this. It's nice to have it come to life!

So, let us know what you think. We are anxious and excited to hear your feedback on the actual site. Keep in mind, there are still a few adjustments to make. Our website is a work in progress and will get better with time (kinda like a good bottle of wine!)

We will be on here often today looking at all of your feedback-so keep those comments rolling in.

I hardly slept last night...I didn't think I was going to have a hard time sleeping, but I did! Bree and I were talking last night and she had goosebumps she was so excited about today!

To that I say, bring it on world...we are finally OFFICIALLY here!!

Camille and Bree



jessicamae3 said...

Ok LOVING YOUR SIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I want the forum up and running! I want to be the first member, please! Go ahead and sign me up!
I also think the two kits were definitely the way to go! They both are delish! How does one decide?
I think if I remember correctly, I said long ago when you were deciding what to do that two kits would be good for business because people would buy both. I think this might be more true than even I imagined!
I am thrilled for the two of you as businesswomen and wish you both the best!

Tanya said...


Melissa Norris said...

Congrats girls!! I am off to check it out now!

Stephanie Joanna said...

woah - those 2 kits are AMAZING. I just love 'em, they're so my style. I just can't decide which one I want! :o/

Adrienne said...

The kits look like a ton of fun! Congratulations you guys! :D Send a free kit my way! You know.. I am a broke college student! :D

When is the next challenge?!

OH are you guys going to have MINI kits? I think you should in the future. like... $15 ones, JAM PACKED with 6x6 papers and... fun embellies and STICKERS... yes. :D (That way I wont feel terrible for spending over $30!)

Adrienne said...

Oh yeah, now you guys need to have your own forum on your website!

kristina k said...


reneestudiocity said...

They are both so cute! I'd love to buy them both. Any chance you'd consider offering a discount if people purchase both?

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Absolutely fantastic! The kits are even more awesome than I imagined they would be! I can't wait to create with them!!!

I'm so happy for you both!

Deanna said...

Congratulations girls! Everything looks fantastic, and I'm SOOO excited to get my kit! Woohoo! Crop Suey's Official! :D Yaaaay!!!

TracyP said...

MMMMMmmmm..Yum:) the kits (BOTH) are delish!!!!!! They will sell out soon!!!! The site is AWESOME!!!! I am so excited to be part of an Amazing Team run by you two class acts!!!;)

Kimmy said...

pretty kits!
I really like the "rainbow" one, but they're both fab!

Bree said...

Thank yo for your suggestions,
Camille and I will discuss the ideas of a mini kit, and a discount for buying both kits.
These are fabulous ideas.
As mentioned, we are learning as we go
and appreciate all these suggestions.
Keep em' coming.
Have a fabulous day ladies, and don't forget to order your kits!



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