Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bad mailman! Bad! Bad!

Well girls, I'm here to post, and I must admit that my precious Crop Suey kits is in repair. My mailman has no clue how important my packages are, and so when I wasn't home last week when he/she tried to deliver it, they folded it in half and crammed it in my mailbox! And that's not all! It proceeded to rain all weekend long (we were gone of Thanksgiving break) and so it sat, soaked and folded, in my mailbox for 3 days! UGH! When I opened, or maybe I should say unfolded it, the papers looked like a giant W with all sorts of waves and watermarks. Right now I'm attempting to press out those waves by putting very heavy books on top of them. But then I saw today on Martha, that you can iron your paper on a low setting beneath parchment paper! Anyone ever hear of that?! What in the world! If I get desperate I may give it a try, but for the time being I'll leave you with this. It's a little project I've been dying to make so I finally did! It's our family "Countdown to Christmas".


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

OMG Deanna your project is SO CUTE! I love it! Absolutely adorable!!!

But I am so sorry about what the mailman did to your precious kit! That's awful!!!!!

Jessica said...

Sorry to hear about your kit! Totally love the Christmas countdown though! I've been wanting to make one, but nothing has really... 'rubbed' me right until now! Gorgeous, thanks for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

OMG Deanna,

How did that happen.
Can we sue? Can we yell, kicking and screaming...
I hate him!


I am soo sorry we try so very hard to send them out well packaged. Which kit did you get? I'm curious.

The advent calendar is Fabulous... Absolutely gorgeous...

TracyP said...

Too cute!!! I guess you already knew that from your blog posting though! LOL
I would've probably shot my mailman if he had done that! LOL
Happy Friday D:)


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