Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Technique Tuesday

I thought I would mix it  up a bit, hope you like it..

Step One:
Cut cord to approximately 36"
Then loop through the first tab, situating
the tab at center of cord.

Step Two:
Hold another tab below your first tab,
(make sure your rough edges are always
facing each other, smooth side to the outside)
overlapping so you can see through openings
of both tabs. Thread the cord up from the
bottom through both tabs, bringing top cord
through top hole and bottom cord through
bottom hole.

Step Three:
OK, now get another tab and hold it on top,
overlapping as before,and this time, thread
the cords through the opposite holes forming
an X on top.

Step Four:
Another tab, held at the back and thread
those cords through, top cord-top hole,
bottom cord-bottom hole.

Step Five
Another tab, held on top, thread cords
through forming that X.
Top cord-bottom hole, bottom cord-top hole.

Step Six:

Keep going, repeating step four and step five,
alternately, until bracelet can be wrapped
around your wrist and ends meet comfortably.
You need the last tab to be one placed at the back side.
Then, bring ends together and form final X

Step Seven:
Turn bracelet over and thread cords
under cord from previous tab..

Step Eight:
Tie the cords in a knot and trim the ends

Step Nine:
Turn bracelet back over and slide it on your wrist.
There should be just enough stretch to easily go
over your hand and then be lightly snug on your wrist.

There’s plenty of ways to embellish these bracelets, too. You can paint the tabs, use colored elastic, add beads, anything you can think of.

I used beads and added a button closure to this one!

And here are some other ideas I pulled off the WEB!

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Anonymous said...

Cute tab jewelry!! Love the bracelet!

Jocelyn said...

BREE....you did a fabulous job with the tabs!!! Who would have thought that you could make all that stuff from tabs!!!! Hope your finger is feeling better!!! Happy Wednesday!!!!

Candace said...

sweet bracelets! I love anything that involves upcycling! The buttons totally add to the over all coolness, great job! TFS.


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