Wednesday, May 13, 2009


You didn't think we'd forget , did you?

Here's hoping you have a fabulous day!

Bree and Camille

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Jocelyn said...

OH MY GOSH..... I am wetting pants laughing!!! This was the best!!!! I LOVE YOU GIRLS!!!!! Man I am really built!!!!! YIPPEE for me!!!

Anonymous said...

Right there with ya Jocelyn. You look great with Brad Pitt. Jocelyn left a comment on my blog sending me here. I missed this earlier. She told me I would laugh. Too funny Happy B-day Jocelyn.

Jen said...

That is so flippin' funny! Such a sweet thing to do! I know she's having a great day! ;o)

Lorry said...

Love it... I'm so jealous you got to dance with Brad!!! lol

Anonymous said...

Ha! i LOvE this!
happy late birthday Jocelyn!
love ya.


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