Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Camille's PHOTO TUTORIAL-Beaded embellies

Do you want to have a little fun with all those beads you have left over from the eighties and nineties?!?!

Here's what you'll need:

Cut a piece of wire that you feel will be long enough to complete your project, I'm about to show you how I made a butterfly for a card that I was making.
Make a small loop in your wire and begin threading your beads, with our without a pattern. As you get enough beads to make parts of your design, twist the wire on itself.
Then, after some playing around, here's what I made (and what you can make too):
Here are a couple of cards I made to thank my son's playschool teachers.
It's simple and fun and you can do it too!

I really like using up all the little things that I have collected over the years, kinda mix the old with the new.

Take a look at all the stuff you have hidden away and go create.

You might be happily surprised at what you create.



Jocelyn said...

You did an awesome job with these!!!! How fun and cute!!! Thanks for sharing the how to's with us!!! :)

colie said...

So much fun!! I love the butterfly - perfect idea for adding that extra dimension.


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