Thursday, October 1, 2009

Going back to our roots...

Ok, after much deliberation we are taking action and making changes.

We have been wanting to get back to what Crop Suey started out as a couple of years ago. We have been so busy with ALL of the things on our plate and they have been overflowing for some time.

We have (sort of) lost ourselves in the sales and we want to bring it back to what we love...that's the hands on teaching and working with ladies who love crafting.

Bree and I have taken control of things once again and now we are in the driver seat (it's one of those unique cars with two steering wheels) and ready to hit the road...

We love so many things...we are going to focus on the things we love... treating ladies to crops hosting retreats creating challenges for you to stretch your creative imagination!

So, with that information...we are launching something NEW!

We will be adopting a new format. We will be posting sketches on the 1st of the month; then posting a challenge on the 15th of the month.

We will still be doing our "oh so popular" Technique Tuesday (or sometime Wednesday...when we forget that it's a long weekend). We will still be blogging in between sketches and challenges, and having some fun with all of our followers.

So, that's it ladies. Crop Suey is going back to our roots and getting ready to have fun once again! Not that we weren't having fun before, just not having as much fun as we are planning to have from here on in!!

Ladies, we love you and want to have fun with jump on the bandwagon and know that we are at the wheel and going for a VERY fun ride!!

All of our love,
Bree and Camille


Jocelyn said...

YAY......I am so excited because I just adore Crop Suey!!!!! I am so excited to see all the new things and so happy you are keeping Technique Tuesday!!!!I just adore it!!!! Wishing you the very best!!!! :)


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