Thursday, July 31, 2008


You twisted enough for just a little sneak peek.

You'll need to do better than that if you want more!
Did I give you the impression it was easy to get me spill the beans?
Usually it is, but I am trying really, really, really hard.

Patty, I just can't open and re-wrap those presents.
Where's the fun in that?

Jane Austen once said  
"Surprises are foolish things. The pleasure is not enhanced, and the inconvenience is often considerable.”

AHHHH, Jane Austen ... U suck!
Come on girls, I want to be talked into it.
Make me laugh,
Make me cry,
 Inspire Camille and I to want to show you all.
We take bribes.
 Starbucks? Chocolate? Jokes? 

(Don't I look happy?)

So yesterday Camille and I spent the better part of the day finishing up our kit picks.
We are definitely moving forward.
We have decided to do the 2 kits!
 A Bree Kit -
and a Camille Kit! 
2 much fun!
Before we started building them I thought we were really different,
but then Camille surprised me yesterday.
She picked a paper line that I had chosen!
Maybe we're more alike than we thought. 
She does have amazing taste though....
she did pick me as a friend! lol
Or did I pick her?
Or did we just bump into each other and sparks flew and
we just knew that this was the friend for me!
The girl that would help me fulfill my destiny......
to one-day start a Scrap Kit Club,
that we would call CROP SUEY!

Actually my husband picked the name.
We were driving home from visiting our parent's out of town and 
we played word games the ENTIRE way home.
He's pretty clever, not to mention he's also nice to look at too.
Sorry, I got side tracked...
I told you girls I like to talk... a lot!

Hey speaking of word games....
Anyone got an idea what we should call our designers?
Should we give them a cute little name?
Or is that cheezy?

I couldn't come up with anything,
maybe you can.
HEY that sounds like a GIVE-AWAY!!
the wheels are turning.......


wendy said...

Yes the designers need a fun name/title...thinking along the lines of cooking...sous chefs? cropettes? Suey Crewy? Sous Crew? C&B Crew? B&C Crew? The Cropsticks (instead of chopsticks)? Team Crop? I think you need to include some fun take out boxes somewhere :)...and who wouldn't love to alter chopsticks?

I love the sneak peek! FUN STUFF :) Jane Austen does suck...I think letting us in a little bit on the surprises ENHANCES our interest :).

That's great that the two of you get along so well that you have different tastes but can work that into a kit...or two kits...or three!!

Have I mentioned how addicting this blog is?!?!

I'll leave you with my hubbies favorite joke:

A grasshopper walks into a bar. The bartender says "hey we have a drink named after you". The grasshopper says "you have a drink named Steve"? it Saturday YET?!?!?!

Donna. said...

That peek is just too yummy!!! I can only imagine what goodies go along with those.

As for a name for the DT... I think it would be cute to get something coordinated with the kit's name. unfortunately the only thing coming to my mind is Crop Sticks. Maybe that would be a different section?

Anonymous said...

my husband thought of Cropsticks too. Maybe camille and I should invent a really new fresh adhesive and call it "CropSticks"?lol.

I love word games.

This is fun.

What about the fortune cookies... (oops that could be bad, Just wrong!)
Or ....

ooooo i just came up with a pun... I'm gonna call Camille "egg foo-YOUNG" cuz that's her last Sorry girl...

We are already gonna do something with take out boxes and fortune cookies so - of that stuff won't work but keep them coming.

You guys are brilliant!

wendy said...

I can see it now...started out with kits...and now they are on their way to BIG things branching out with products...I LOVE the adhesive idea :)...cropstick! That would make a fun glue stick!

egg foo-YOUNG - your killing me!! roflmao...I LOVE it.

I think "cropsticks" takes the cake! The "cropsticks" are here to help you in your recipe for inspiration!

{{checking calendar...nope it's STILL Thursday}}}

Tiffany said...

I love the sneaks! Can't wait to see more! Okay, so I did some research on your DT name and here's what I came up with. "Ming Shou" in Chinese means artist/distinguished expert so maybe you could do something like "The Ming Shou Team" or just "Ming Shous". I love how different something like that would be and it would make people who didn't know what it meant, want to know more about your club and site to know what it meant.

Angelica said...

Loving the preview, like Donna said, I can only imagine the rest of the product you ladies are picking. This is getting to be torture you know, it's bad enough when you are waiting for one, but two of them!! Can't wait. Donna, "CropSticks" is just to funny, love it. I can't come up with anything at the moment, I have to think about it. Have a great day all.

redmom said...

I love that where you are in the world is earlier than me, so when I get up to have my coffee there's always a new fun post waiting for me! That makes me very happy!

Keep the peeks coming, we all love peeks...especially yummy ones like that!

Ok I'm not great at word games...certainly not before my first cup of joe, so all that comes to mind now are Sushi Girls.

Anonymous said...

One day closer to Saturday! Woohoo!
Thanks for a little sneak peak - even though I know we want to see more! hahaha!
I think the name cropsticks is super cute! I definitely think the DT will need a fun name. The Crop Sueyies (or however you'd want to spell it). maybe something involving noodles, like the noodlers, or crop noodlers. hahaha.
Good luck with the name and we're all counting down the days till Saturday!

Alecia said...

I LOVE the peek, but definitely would like to see more... Come on now ladies... everybody's doing it!!! Hehehe...

My name idea was the Sous Chefs too... cute stuff. The other ladies comments are cracking me up too!!

The Crop Sticks?? TOO FUNNY!!

How about the Wok Divas?? No?? Ok, still thinking...

Or the Won Ton Divas or Crew?

Stir-Fry Divas or Crew?

Ok, back to work before they figure out I'm just playing around here. YIKES!!

You girls are gonna get me in trouble!!

Mama Tuttle said...

I really like the Chopsticks, too! That's great . . .would go perfectly with Crop Suey . . .
The sneak peek of the kits is amazing! I can't wait until your big DT announcement either! You girls would be a fab. crew to work for!
You could also go with Harajuku Girls . . .

MandieGirl said...

how about the stylin' gingers or the sushiettes? :)

Creative ADD said...

How about the Crop Suzies? or the Pot Stickers? Just an idea.

Sheila said...

I second Crop Suzies. That's what I was gonna post!

Lynn said...

Love that sneak! Looks like a kit I am going to have to invest in! I can't come up with a name for the designers but I think each kit should have a different name like sweet and sour!

Loving reading this blog btw! In hs my bf and I gave ourselves the nicknames chop suey and chopsticks! I can't even remember ho or why but everytime I come here it reminds me! I must be made for this dt! LOL!

kristina k said...

ok...the sneaks are killing me....LOVE what I have seen so far. I can't wait to see the two kits and I can't wait to find out who made the dt. :):)
I think a name would be perfect...hmmmm....
i've seen aline of chapsticks called miso pretty.
how about miso glam squad???

Sheila said...

I just thought of "shop girls"...kinda cute.

Martha said...

Cookie crew (off take of the fortune cookie); Crop Susies; CS crew; Suey Cookies

KimmyS said...

Dang! My first thought was Crop Sticks too....and there was me thinking I was like SO original...bwahahahaah

i just got an electrich shock from licking the screen - as soon as I saw those vintage lables...woooosh the tongue came out. How did you gals know that I am an avid collector of those beauties??

Now, back to the name of the DT, I guess nothing can top the Crop sticks unless you would fancy being called a chicken-ball or a prawn-ball. Or a black bean? Seeing that everything is usually covered in black bean sauce?

Dude I am getting hungry now - gasping for my favourite Singapore Chicken Chow Mein...yummo

TiteC said...

I'm thinking about the Suey Team !

whatever the name is... I'd love to be part of it !! lol

xxx from France

P to the A to the T to the T to the Y said...

Definetly fun names are needed:)
Hmmmmmmmmm............I really like the cropsticks!!! hahaha. I really like dthe name you chose for your site, that was the first thing I recognized. I was immediately intrigued:)

Loving the sneak peeks, so different then other kits. Love the vintage labels, oh man!!!!


OH heres another little christmas present peek story:
My parents used to keep all the gifts in one of the rooms in the basement and lock the door. My brother used to make me his partner in crime and he would unscrew the wood paneling surrounding the room and slip me in through the opening and report to him what was in that room:) haha. MY parents caught on, oh 15 years later when they realized one of the walls wasnt screwed back right, lol.

hollystar said...

LOVE the sneaks. i really dig that grape juice label. i dont know why it caught my eye, but i need one...

for DT names, my first thought was something with fortune cookies too, being that both chop suey and fourtune cookies were both created on american soil. or maybe tokyo roses, but for ideas instead of propaganda. or what about the scrappin' dynasty? or the huns. or crop suey left overs, or crop suey dinnettes. like "we feast on crop suey"?

i tried to get the resident husband here to say something funny for you ladies, he just grunted at me and went back to his interneting. sorry. maybe i'll have to send a starbucks GC your way in order to see more sneakies since we're apparently humorless today.

jessicamae3 said...

I am so luvin' your funny personalities.
You remind me of my kindergarten class...
You all change directions so quick and I am loving that, cause girl can keep up! I can relate!!!

How about calling the design team:
Lucky Wontons...
or be super creative and call them
"Design Team". hahaha

I do like cropsticks. Why do you doubt your obviously clever hubby?
It sounds like he has your vision tucked in his pocket. The good news is, you get to go and fish in his pockets for it!!!! hahahaha

Now about the peeks... I am willing to offer up my third born child. {he's the cutest and sweetest one of the, he is young enough you could make him your own!}
If that is not good enough, I will throw in 1 months worth of diapers and a years worth of starbucks{he's not a good sleeper}. Plus, we can fake my death and you can have my $1,000,000 life insurance policy along with the little darling! Then, who the heck cares if no one buys your kits cause you'll have money to spare!{Which by the way...should they choose not to buy your kit-there's something wrong with them anyways and you wouldn't want "that" kind of customer!!!}
Let me know if you would be interested. His name is Jay with a middle name of Harvey.
I know... who the H-E-double hockey sticks calls their child Harvey anyways??????
Just go ahead and give my your SS# and bank account number and I will transfer that money to your account!

Anonymous said...

the bamboo babes
panda girls
feng shui divas
the dragon ladys
the zen sisters

Just joking! I don't care what they are called I just want another sneak peek!! It doesn't hurt you...just go take a quick little picture and jump on here and post it! It would mean alot to your loyal shop crop suey fan club. We love what we have seen so far and you don't want to hurt our wittle feelings now do you?... That is what I thought so I will be looking for another sneek peek soon right?...right? I have to go now. I will be back to check later. Byeee!

Lisa said...

What an awesome peek! I can't wait to see what you girls come up with for the kit!

Anonymous said...

You guys totally having me rotflmao....

Can you all join our team. I want you all!
I don't think my wonderfully practical Friend will let me do that. Neither would my hubby, cuz he wouldn't like the bills at the end of the month...
Darn It!

See, no moderation at all in my life,
do you know how hard it has been to limit my kits....

I wish they could all be $200+ so I could give ALL the new and vintage stuff I find! I
t's so hard to set limitations on a creative soul like mine.
Not to mention i am a bit of a shopaholic!

Im totally lovin' the bribes...
wish i could take them to the

But where's the fun in that...

Love you guys



Anne House said...

OK- seriously-what fun embellishments...those would be so great to play with!!

kimosabescraps said...

Need more peeks please!!!! wow, Im gonna be broke... and what?? 2 kits!!! Holy I need a job Batman!!

LOL about the names you all are submitting...

i love the Crop Sticks.... its almost so cheesy that it works! rofl

shows the sense of humor of the site without looking like you are trying too hard, kwim? and since so many gals also thought of it...
hey, does this get us any other sneaks?? ;)

LOVE the labels...I want them about a kit with all that!

Judean said...

oh boy, those look delish! I'd LOVE to see more--maybe 1 from each of we can start deciding if we're a Bree or a Camille...or both!

What about Geisha Girls for the DT?
Or Shop Crop Hotties? lol...

With that in mind--while I'm here, I'd like tot respectfully submit my portfolio for DT consideration...I know it's a long shot, but I got nuthin to lose, right?

Judean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paula :) said...

I think cropsticks is the bombdiggity!! And the sneak is so great! Can I beg for more, twist your arm, pull your hair? :)

Jessica said...

ohh that is just what i wanted to it! totally excited now! love the names so far...hmmm something clever and not already suggested...that could be tricky. How about "the Peach blossoms"
...tooo corny?...well, i just looked this up...and in chinese culture the peach blossom (if it blooms during the new year celebrations) then it means you will have good fortune the whole year...your DT could help bring you lots of good fortune... hmmm...sounds good right!
did i put you all to sleep?? lol... ;-D

Shannon said...

How bout' the shop crop geishas?

or the SUPA-SUEYS?

I know, I know -- I just liked it! LOL! :D Whatever you decide will be great!!!

scrappygal said...

"The Cream of the crop"


Dim sum croppers

"Crop Sueys' Fortunate Cookies"
(..get it..dames/cookies and they are fortunate to be a part of the team.)

The afternoon buffet croppers

The artsy (or crafty) noodle crew

Okay I think that the reason that I am coming up with such kooky names is because I am tired. So I will stop there. I saw a lot of good ideas above.

Good luck girls !

Meg said...

Love the sneak peak! Can't wait to see more :)

My first thought was something regarding Cropsticks, but I see that Wendy beat me to the punch.


please respect the hard work that has gone into not only the blog headings/buttons/blinkies etc but also the work done by the design team. nothing should be taken off this blog without permission. thanks so much for your respect and understanding.