Friday, August 1, 2008

our minds are brewing...and our hands are busy....what a combination!

I really need a bigger cup of coffee than what I have in front of me. I am working on about 5 hours sleep, I really want to be sleeping right now, but there is too much to share with you!
I may get in trouble from Bree from spilling too much....
but it's all stuff you are going to know eventually!
Your suggestions for the DT name have been awesome. I was telling my husband about them last night and he was laughing at your creative genius (or maybe it was me trying to remember all of the them!)
The most popular suggestion was...drum roll please....
Well, Bree and I have been tossing the idea around and we are down to a couple.
We also really like CROP CHICKS (a slight deviation, still playing on words)
What do you think?
We are also going to post each of our top 10 picks for the design team TODAY!
When the clock actually reads a decent time, I will sneak upstairs, feed my kids and then get into the car and make my way over to Bree's house (there also just happens to be a Starbucks on the way -YIPPPPEEEEEE!)
You have not made this process easy, actually you have kept me up many nights over the last month and I am happy to have done it!
So, we'll post our top 10, and if you do not see your name, know that the decision was not easy and that the DT is a 6-months stint!
That means, don't crawl under the bed, get your gallery brushed up for next April when you will be on our team of....
CROP STICKS or CROP CHICKS....or whatever else we decide to call you!
Just know that I am "bribable" (is that a words?) too...
I really like coffee and new cars...yes new cars! Oh, I really like diamonds too...big shiny ones!

So, check in again in about 4 hours to see your name on our DT top 10 list! I am itching to write my picks down right now...but Bree would kill me.
CHECK BACK later... we know you will.
...I will be awake by then too!



KimmyS said...

Ohhhh how exciting - it's getting closer and closer to the crunchline...

As fro the DT name - whilst I totally love Crop Chicks, we can't forget that more and more men venture into this hobby too. What if one of them applies for a DT position with you gals? Somehow I fear he might not like being called a Crop Chick...but that's probably just me being extra super careful

Roll on reasonable hour....can't wait to see which chicks (dudes *snigger* ) you have chosen

Angelica said...

You sure know how to have people on the edge of their sit (by the way that is where I am). Can't wait to see who makes it on that list. Both DT names are very cute, can't make up my mind which one I like better.

wendy said...

Wahooo...I can't wait to see what today brings :). I love the name Crop Stick or Chick :).

Whew...better go get more coffee...and do something to stay busy :)

Good luck to everyone!

TiteC said...

i love both names...

and I really can't wait to see your picks... and I'm sooooo willing to see my name on it !!!

keep my fingers crossed...

xxx from France

Alecia said...

Love both Crop Sticks & Crop Chicks!! And can't wait to see y'alls Top 10 picks... so exciting!!! MMMMM, Starbucks, I think I'll go there too!!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I love crop chicks! LOL That's so cute! I hear what Kimmys is saying tho. Maybe if a man joins the DT, he could be a crop rick? or a crop slick? Anyway, I'm excited to see the DT list!


redmom said...

I love both Crop Sticks or Chicks! Can't wait to see your top 10 lists!

Vision Blog said...

Is it too late for bribery? I have an unborn child that has yet to be named and the bonus, we don't know the sex yet, so we're wide open. Is that enough of a dowry to claim a spot as a Crop Stick/Chick???

Jessica said...

love crop chicks...totally adorable!

elizabeth said...

holy canoli i've missed so much here!

i *love* crop sticks! seriously brilliant. can't wait to see what you gals decide and can't wait to see more sneeks.
(lovin' those labels)

Kimmieprout said...

I absolutely love "crop chicks"!!!
Well, I love both!

Can't wait to see the top 10!

Aleks said...

wow, awesome names!! Can't wait to see the top 10.

Tiffany said...

Is it time yet??? This must be a difficult decision for you both, I don't envy your position! Good luck to everyone!

TiteC said...

I've kept coming for more than an hour now... I'm going crazy !! lol

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

The suspense is killing me! LOL! Good luck everyone!

P to the A to the T to the T to the Y said...

The crop chicks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cant afford any cars for you but COFFEE, well I have connections.*wink* *wink* lol

TiteC said...

I can get coffee too... but it may take a while to reach you from France !!


Pearl Rigonan said...

crop chicks is so clever! good luck to everyone who tried for the DT stint!
and i so love the sneaks.. gimme, gimme more :)

kristina k said...

I'm so excited!!! I love the cropsticks. :)

Lynn said...

Here's a big diamond bribe! OK, it looks a little more like a kite but those are fun too right? =)

Lynn said...

OK, now that just isn't right! It left justified my diamond/kite! Now it doesn't look like anything!

kilismom said...

omg!! the excitement is tooo much!!! Both names are great, but my favorite is Crop Sticks. Can't believe your DT reveal is finally here!!
..btw wouldn't it be perfect to have Starbucks gc with ya on your drive to and from each other's house?? (is that a good enough bribe?? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Ah! I just read this now and already I'm like, what? Where's the top the list! hahaha! You g uys must have quite a decision to make!

Me I like crop sticks better just cuz I think it makes more sense with the Crop Suey name.

And now I'm gonna be sitting here the rest of the afternoon hitting the refresh button! hahaha! Thanks alot guys, I should actually be working ya know! ;)


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