Thursday, August 21, 2008


(jessicamae.... you impatient girl)
Here are some PEEKs of the upcoming kits.

A little October Afternoon HOMETOWN...

A little Basic Grey OFFBEAT...

 A little Sassafras Lass HOG HEAVEN...
A little Sassafrass Lass HAPPY PLACE 

I love me some Sassafras.
Here are just a few peeks at our other stuff..

And we can't give it away with pics,
but we have PINK PERSIMMON stamps for each kit,
(hint hint: the stamps we have are not on their site yet)

Some Hambly, Thickers, KI Memories, Riff Raff,  Pink Paislee, Tim Holtz..

And that's not even the half of it.
There is much more than this,
All the vintage and handmade goodies we have for you.

I think I'm giving away....ALOT!
With Camille's Permission.

So I think I deserve all those bribes...
All that money, starbucks, chocolate....
even your firstborns!

I'm waiting.......



kristina k said...

Dude......I'm in love......I can NOT wait to get my hands all those pretties. :):)

Melissa Norris said...

So cute! I'm loving all those lines so I can't wait to see what ya'll came up with!

wendy said...

Yep...sign me up...I'll send it ALL first class overnight to you :)...I SO can't wait for the kits!! Me want me want!

MandieGirl said...

LOVE it! Looks great! That Sassafrass looks so YUMMY!


Kimmieprout said...


Nothing more to say... I'm speechless!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

OMG I am in heaven!!!! This stuff looks FABULOUS!!!! Wowza!!! Did I mention I LOVE IT?!?!11

the dreamer said...

Aww, man! This is just half of it??? Great product choices! The sneaks already have me drooling! Good luck with your first kit and can't wait to see it unveiled! =)


laverneboese said...

Wow, I love it!! Totally yummy stuff! Sassafras AND October Afternoon?! Oh my, am I going to have to buy both kits!?

Melaniestan said...

I'm loving the kits!

I'm very interested in the first one. The one with Basic Grey and October Afternoon! and the embellishments-wow!

Have you posted costs yet? I need to save up.

TracyP said...

Ladies please pick me up off the floor and close my mouth!!! LOL
Dude!!!! Yeah what Kristina said!!! That Sass Happy! WOW I am grinning for ear to ear!!!!!

TracyP said...

it has Rainbows!!!!!!!

Sheryl said...

OMG! I am sitting in a puddle of drool. These kits are rock'n girls. Forget the first of September start the sale now! In the words of Willma Flinstone and Betty Rubble "Charge It"

TiteC said...

I love both kits !!!
Can't wait to see what you came up with !!

I'd love to bribe you with tons of chocolates and starbucks if it could make me win !!! lol

xxx from France

jessicamae3 said...

Woot woot and a hoot hoot and wiggywiggywiggy wooot!!!!!!!! These kits are stupendous, outrageous, scrumptious, delicious, spectacularous, off the chartous, and even righteous DUDE!
Love what you all have done...if this is just the beginning..."I'm in heaven, I'm in heaven"!!!!
Loving it so so so much!

Deanna said...

Wowza! That's some yummy-liciousness right there! LOVE it ALL!!!!!

jessicamae3 said...

Camille, I just went back and looked at your paper choices....loverly, possibly my fav!! Bree...your paper choices are so much fun and whimsical...I need more whimsy in my life!

Anonymous said...

Wow look at that great stuff! Thanks for caving and giving us some sneak peeks! Loving what I've seen so far!


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