Friday, August 29, 2008

I love the bangles...that gets me thinking!

I don't know how to top Bree's tutorial yesterday. She rocked it and I love the bangles!

It seems piddly to talk about anything else!

We do want to see how your vinyl records were transformed. POST your CREATIONS! From some of your responses you can use any record EXCEPT Shaun Cassidy...(some of you have a strong emotional attachment to him).
I am a child of the 70's and would be hard pressed to cut up any Bob Marley or ABBA records...

...and Supertramp

...and Queen

...and...well, if I keep it up there wouldn't be any records to customize into jewelery!!!

So that gets me thinking...

...what can I put out to you guys that might be a little fun?

For all of you who know the 70's (even the ones who are hesitant to admit it) create a page about the era!
The colors of the 70's are so much fun to work with...go wild!

I would love to see what you create, the only catch is that you have to post it to win a little something from us!!

Wow, that's two challenges! One from Bree yesterday and one from me today...

That ought to keep you busy until the end of the weekend!!!

I am already looking forward to seeing what everyone puts together!!!




jessicamae3 said...

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with, I will be away this weekend, which means nothing scrappy for me!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

The 70's is my era! I graduated from high school in 1977! I'm on it!

keandra said...

please email me @ i ordered a 3 month subscription to the kit but i put my billing address as my shipping address. sorry to stalk you here but i tried to send an email to shopchopsuey@gmail and i got an error message. thanx!

TracyP said...

LMAO!! Thanks for that Camille:):) It was one of those days!!! I am going to try this challenge however I am re doing my scrap area, So I am not sure!!! Good Luck to everyone out there!:):):)

kristina k said...

My entry over at sis for this week's PC is just right...:)
I will post it tonight when I am allowed to.
I'm so excited...just a few more days. :)

Anonymous said...

I love the Bangles too( the group.. 80's).. lol.. and what a great idea for recycling old records. I need to buy a record just to try and create a cool bangle!! TFS!!

kristina k said...

Here's my PC ebtry from this week....totally fits the theme. :)


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