Friday, August 15, 2008

It's in the bag...or is it out of the bag?

Bree is on her way over here (yet again) and we have some work to do (that's generalizing for sure). We had two HUGE packages arrive on Wednesday that Bree promised not to open. She did pretty good only opening one of them because she couldn't stand the excitement any longer!!!
Now, she is en-route with the opened and unopened packages!

I am really going to have a hard time not posting any peaks after all the boxes are opened today -but (as you know) I have INCREDIBLE restrain...well...when it comes to certain things. Bree is still reeling from the duct tape!!! However, it must have worked somewhat because she didn't post before me today (that 1 for Camille and 0 for Bree....well, that's not entirely accurate, but sounds really good right now...I had better hit "POST" before she walks through my door!!)

So, just remember....

We are still giving away a PREMIER KIT...

We are still wanting to give away free stuff...

and for those of you who have already won...We are still looking for some addys!

And keep looking for those peaks, because I know Bree enough to say that she will not be able to resist posting something from our packages. So...that said...maybe I will try to beat her to win some favor in your eyes...

Keep looking today...I'll try and sneak one in...maybe then I will be the one on the run...after all it's not only Bree who can let the cat out of the bag! (if there were a function on here that could allow only you to read this and not Bree that would be even BETTER!)

until later today



TracyP said...

LOL... The cat nice touch!!! Ok so, I really want to see a peak Camille, You know you don't even have to let anyone else see, just email me:P
I know in a perfect world right! LOL
*Sigh*I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting patiently:)

wendy said...

So cute :).

You guys will have so much fun today...I think it's "almost" better than Christmas with those packages!

Are you able to post your email address on the blog? :)

judean said...

yeah, I'm gonna have to chime in here...need some new peeks, for sure!!! Why don't you put the duct tape over Bree's eyes, and then she won't be able to see her computer monitor for a Not nice, eh? Well, you gotta do what you gotta do, but SHOW US MORE!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I had asked before but never heard from you ladies, I was actually a prize winner from earlier (funniest comment) but I have no idea how to get in touch with you ladies to give you my address. :) send me an email over to and I'll send my info on over to you guys. Thanks bunches!

Oh, and we better get some sneak peaks, no hogging all the fun over there! hahaha! ;)

kristina k said...

i need some peaks......pretty please???

jessicamae3 said...

Keep looking today...I'll try and sneak one in...maybe then I will be the one on the run...after all it's not only Bree who can let the cat out of the bag!
HEY that's the old bait and switch! I have been sitting here, literally all day "looking"...and nothing. My buttski is sore, my eyes are bloodshot, my neck is killing me, and well my family is starving...all in the name of a sneak peek!
Hahaha Just kidding about all that, hoping to guilt you into a sneaker peeker!
I am so excited. I think I am your biggest fan.
Or am I a stalker in denial?
Or was it wrrritten in zee starz...???
It's late...sorry! i am just now getting to all my blog stops!

Anonymous said...

lol.. I like the hidden idea.. so you can post lots of spoilers.. and only we know.. Cut kitten pictures... still dying to see a peak!!!


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