Saturday, August 16, 2008

I didn't get the green light...

Bree and I spent the whole morning going through product...we have so much to get out to you.

She wouldn't let me post pics, but she gave me permission to send out a veiled riddle. If you can figure it out, you will know some of the manufacturers in our kits. (ok, so my first mistake about the peaks was asking Bree's permission to post pics -she also didn't bring the "good" camera to take the pics with!)

Ok, so here's my riddles (they may be cheesy, but I'm wingin' it):

If you like letters, you will find many of the same one with these guys!

If you like scarecrows, corn and the harvest in the "PM" you will love these guys!

...and if you can figure these out, you have a weird train of thought just like me.

Stay tuned for Bree's post in a few short hours.



MandieGirl said...

the second is october afternoon, but i'm stumped on the first. can't wait to see the peeks!

Aleks said...

well my guesses are:
1. Sassafras Lass
2. October Afternoon


Louchia said...

American craft and october afternoon?

TracyP said...

Thickers and OA????


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