Saturday, August 16, 2008


I didn't turn off the computer until well after 10 waiting for Camille's little promise of something sneaky!
I finally gave up and went to bed.
So this morning I wake up extra early working on some sneaky peeks....
when I saw her post!

Camille... you tease!

So I decided I'm going to show you a little more.....
because I was all worked up, and excited and full of anticipation!
So now you get 2 peeks, but that's it.
We are waaaaay to close to the BIG REVEAL to keep up on the peeks!
And I am sooo not giving you very much.
This is it!
I don't want to ruin the surprise by unwrapping and re-wrapping the presents.
Right Patty?
So grab your magnifying glasses, because you're going to need it!
This one is from the Bree kit....

And this one is from the Camille kit.

I know.
I'm Cruel!
Bwah ha ha!

So how are the recycled Layouts coming!
I wanna see more!
The more entries we get.... the BIGGER the Prize.
I'm going to let this challenge go right until August 31st.
That'll give you 2 reasons to keep checking back.
And then I'll try and get some of them posted on the new site.

And the Race is getting close for the FREE PREMIER KIT!
Jessicamae, and Bee.... keep em' coming....
Every single referral is starting to matter!

And where's the rest of you?
MelanieS, Wendy....... girls?
Don't give up!
I'm rooting for you!

This is so exciting.
I'm literally not sleeping at night,
giddy all day,
and super hyper.
You guys ROCK!

15 days and counting!

Lub Ya!


Camille Young said...

Bree you are the tease, I cannot even tell what is in those peaks!

wendy said...

Um...they look great? lol

Thanks for the peaks...I think?

You guys are great!

kristina k said...

That's just

jessicamae3 said...

It is a cruel cruel cruel world!

Kimmy said...

itty bitty peeks...meanie.

Anonymous said...

I got all excited to see the peeks and then sooo sad! Lol great sneak!


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