Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bring on the creativity! Bree is bragging about an emptier house, I am weeping silently.

My oldest is only 4 years and in preschool two mornings a week. There is no empty home for me...but there will be tea parties twice a week as the "girls" (Reese is two) enjoy some "alone" time! The silent weeping is my jealousy talking...I wish I could plan on some scrap time during daylight hours!!

That being said, I'm looking for ways to use old tools with new products. I love can I mix that up with new papers and some vintage goodies? I am looking for your suggestions on your favorite color combination!

Bree's current fave is red, teal and... (I know there's another one in there, but it has escaped me) Bree, help me out here!!!

I like different combinations, but am afraid to be the first to try them (what if it totally bombs?)

So that's what I am looking for from me to be a little more daring and maybe your suggestions will lead to my next Masterpiece! Actually, I am really in need of some creative suggestions, I've been staring at pictures ALOT more than I care to admit!

As I look forward to preschool beginning next week and my tea parties with Reese, I am secretly looking for your comments on how to boost my creative juices.

All that is left to say is this...

BRING ON THE CREATIVITY (after the kids are in bed of course!)

Oh yeah, Bree and I are working on some "EXTRAS" for the site. I'm sure she will not be able to contain herself from telling you more. Keep checking out the tabs on the website because we are working on setting up our forum!
It will be there soon!



Anonymous said...

Red Teal, cream and Black.....
LOOOVE that combination lately., as you can tell in my recent layouts...

Keep checking in girls,
Camille and I have some more great things planned for you.
We are listening to your suggestions and trying to put them into action. So keep the ideas coming.
And don't forget to pick up your kits.

And Camille, can I come over for a tea party?
Sounds Delish!

TracyP said...

Brown,Yellow and Pink!! YUM
And Turquiose,Orange and Lime green
Red, Brown and Turquoise
I could go on and on..Color is one of my Loves!!!!
Happy Scrapping:):)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I like to find new color schemes from "inspiration pieces". I find something in nature or in my house and really look at all the colors in it. Then pull out papers that have those colors and go from there! It's fun! Good luck!

jessicamae3 said...

Pink Orange and black...loved that together...the black makes the others pop!
I think when it comes to creativity...pick up some papers and colors you like and then grab pics!
Keep your eye open on magazines as they put together some interesting colors.
Tea parties "live" verses scrapping the memories...well it is no doubt live wins out! Cherish every precious waking moment! Our children are such a gift and ours for such a brief time! I want to come for tea and crumpets. Did I say that right, crumpet? Ok, how about chocolate chip cookies???? I'll bring em!

Stephanie Joanna said...

I am loving purple and brown ... a deep, royal purple and a dark espresso brown. I've been using that color combo on a lot of my fall-inspired pages and the layouts are turning out great.

Kimmieprout said...

lime green, teal and hot pink!

Can't wait to you what you girls are up to!

kristina k said...

today it's yellow, grey, and white.
tomorrow probably red, white, and turquoise.
the day after...who knows??? :)


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