Thursday, September 4, 2008

Is it Friday Yet?

I'm frantically waiting for Friday.
We have a large product order coming in, 
that I'm DYING to get my hands on.
Are you guys going crazy too , 
waiting for your kits to arrive?
It's killing me.
Darn Postal service,
So dang slow.

Have you guys ordered
 your kits yet?
Don't forget to put your orders in,
And sign up for a 4-month subscription and get a sweet deal!
It also guarantees your kits for the next few months.

So I thought I would show you a little work in progress.
This is made out of recycled paper, handmade paper,
a little sassafras lass,
and some vintage woodgrain sticky paper.
(the woodgrain paper is included in the OVER THE RAINBOW KIT)
So Camille and I have been listening to your suggestions,
and have decided to put together  a "Mini-kit".
These will included 4 or 5 papers,
some cool embellies to go with it,
and a little vintage goodness too.
There will be a limited amount of these kits available,
so get them while you can.
Stay tuned for the reveal.

What else do you guys want to see from CROP SUEY?
Let us know,
we love to hear what you guys think.

How about another RAK?

Hey Camille!
I have a lot of freebies to give away,
Should we do another challenge?
How about a game?
Maybe we could give this away to the BEST Layout
 or Project using one of our kits?

Or maybe we can give away 2 RAKS?

One for the project using your AWESOME Kit,
and one for using Mine?

What do you guys think?
It sounds great to me!
Let's work on Camille.
Maybe she'll give in and let us give away some more goodies!
Leave a comment and tell her ...

She's coming over this morning,
I'll jump her from behind,
and smother her with scrappy love
so she'll HAVE to let me!
Oops, I'm running out of time,
she'll be here soon.
Gotta run.




Camille Young said...

My arm is being twisted...I can feel it!!!!

Camille Young said...
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wendy said...

Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see what everyone creates with the fun kits :)

Stephanie Joanna said...

I put in my order and am anxiously pacing back and forth in front of my mailbox waiting for it to arrive. :o)

Deanna said...

I can't WAIT to get my kit! Stalking the postman as I type!

jessicamae3 said...

I love the altered book! Love that woodgrain paper!

Adrienne said...

I want free stuff! And fooodage! :D But mostly free stuff... well... I dunno its a toss up, I do love foood. And free things... How about both? I am hungry!

hollystar said...

love that little book (as well as the others on bree's blog)!

i heard that RAK's are a good way to burn calories. you should definately pile on the RAKs and have that extra brownie...

kristina k said...

ooooh, mini kits. sigh....:)

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Bree Your journal is ADORABLE! That little turqoise ruffle at the bottom totally rocks! And the deer! LOVE HIM!!! Can't wait for the kits!


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