Friday, September 5, 2008

It's Friday and Bree's not smiling today...

I'm writing to console my dearest Bree. Her much anticipated parcel is not going to be in until Monday.

She didn't actually shed a tear when she was with me, but I think she may have secretly cried alone in her room (ok, to find out if she actually did, you will have to wait until she posts tomorrow)!

But for the record, Bree IS sad about having to wait for her AWESOME package until Monday :(

Help her to turn her frown upside down!

How does that affect you?

That means any peeks of the package's contents will also have to wait until Monday and I KNOW that you girls DO NOT like to WAIT!!

It's early and I am wanting to scrap. I have everything out in front of me, the kids won't be up for another hour (Lord willing!) and my husband doesn't have to leave the house early today (that means he can feed them breakfast).


I am taking all of your color combo suggestions from Wednesday and trying to CREATE.

If I get movin, I will post what I have made. I have some great pics of my son and husband sitting around the fire on a camping trip (my son was ecstatic about being up later than his sister "because I'm 4 right Mommy?")

So, console Bree today (she will need your support) and send some creativity my way.

Here goes....



jessicamae3 said...

Just think, there is something to look forward to! We will survive a few more days without long as you entertain us with fun words!

Raquel said...

Hi! I'm new to I don't remember how I stumbled across this site, but Im so happy I did because I fell in love with your kits! I ordered Bree's kit and its the first kit I've ever ordered in my life. So Thank You for putting together such an awesome kit that enticed me to finally break the spell! Lol! I can't wait to get it in the mail! When will they be shipped??


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