Monday, September 8, 2008

It comes today!!!

Bree's very special package is coming today!!

Bree and I are getting together this morning for a creative brainstorm. We want to put out another video, we want to get creative with you again!

So, after our first week, things are looking good. But, I have to admit that there are a million ideas in Bree's head that are coming to fruition.

I think you need to know how creative Bree actually is. Her and I went on a scrapbooking retreat last October (2007) and her pages did NOT look anything like they do now. She has truly blossomed and become an artist over the last year. I can only call myself a scrapbooker.


She can look at anything an transform it in to something grand. I love that about her. She truly stretches me to find my creative self (which is locked somewhere deep within most days).

She can take a product and see a million more things to do with it than me. She is not bound by traditional methods and I love that about her.

So, we are truly a good pair. She creates and I try to create! I know that she has said that I keep her grounded (and sure, I probably do), but I secretly long to have my head in the clouds some days (not that Bree's head is anywhere near the clouds)

I know that I treasure Bree. Now YOU too know that I treasure her!

Now, that FedEx driver had better make our delivery the first of the morning!!!



jessicamae3 said...

So glad to hear from you two!
I can't wait to see what it's been a long weekend without a good blog post! I hope you had a fabulous weekend with family!!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Bree is totally awesome, and a true artist I agree! I love being witness to the friendship you two obviously have - it's great! You two make a great team!

Can't wait to start creating with my kit!


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