Saturday, September 13, 2008

Yay, It's the Weekend!

Hey guys!
I am sooo excited to announce that our October kits are packed up and ready to go.
Can you believe it?
Month 2 already!
So I have  a few questions.

Do you think we should offer them as a pre-sale?
Meaning, you get a little peek,
not the whole thing cause we don't want to give too much away,
but you will be able to order it early and it will get shipped the day of the October Reveal.
What do you think?
Or should we just stick to the traditional style of most kit sites?

I am just soooo excited that I want to share it all.
I can't contain myself.
(I'm doing my happy dance)

There are going to be a few new things on the site

For instance, (as Camille has pointed out)
we are going to offer extras.
extra paper packs,
extra vintage goodies,
extra stamps,
extra items that coordinate with the kits.

Doesn't that sound awesome?
We have been shopping up a storm for you guys
and cannot wait to share all the treasures we now have!

And what do you guys think of earning Loyalty Points?
Maybe we can add a system where your referrals can earn you free stuff?
Now I'm just brainstorming,
haven't confirmed things with my girl Camille,
But I think this sounds like a fabulous opportunity to get some free scrappy goodness.

So leave your comments,
and I will give away a FREE RAK on Thursday.
This will be a random draw so get talking!
I want to hear what you guys think!




Kimmieprout said...

The extras sound fun!
The pre-sale is a good thing!
Can't wait to see more!

Did you receive my email?


Trace Geworsky said...

i definetly dont think you should stick to the traditional style of most kit sites...different is great!!!!!

Tanya said...

I would like the pre-orders. And you should do different than the other sites, 'cause you're different!lol

TracyP said...

I like the idea of the sneak for pre-sale! ANd yummy extras who could resist??

blw said...

yahoo for extras!!! i am loving both of my sept kits sooo much

jessicamae3 said...

PREsales are an awesome idea both for you all and for those of us in love with your stuff! Quicker turnaround, quicker chance at creating with your kits! Having them prepacked, paid for and prepared for the first to ship out will make your lives so much easier!

I would definitely love the referral idea for goodies! I love to work your stuff! Something about yummy goodies for a job well done!

I am excited to see how you stock the fact I am here typing and missing the chance to check that out!

Oh, and loyalty points I am all about that. With my so far acquired loyalty points, I would like to be your first forum member on the Message Board over at Then again, here I am typing and perhaps you have already set that up too! Oh well, maybe i could be the third...I love the number three! The MB name jessicamae3 is already taken okay!?

Girls, you are doing a fabulous job getting this dream of yours up and running.
Whatever you decide, I am behind you 100%.

I am going to go and advertise your RAK for leaving a comment here on my blog! Everyone loves a chance at goodie yumminess!

Lorena said...

i think the points thing for refering people is a good idea. that would be totally awesome, but i also like ur idea of sneak peeking the kits too. OH BTW Jessicamae3 sent me!!!

kristina k said...

It all sounds good to me...:):)

scrappin{jewlz} said...

I love the idea of a pre-order.. because sometimes there are kits I can't really use. Another nice thing about pre-orders.. you know how many you need ahead of time, and can make sure to order enough!

Loyalty points are a great idea too.. we do something similar in where I work (not scrap related) and the clients really like it.

And extras are always fun too, because sometimes you want MORE YUMMY STUFF!

Oh, yeah, Jessicamae3 sends me here too :)

Anonymous said...

I would encourage you to presell and offer a small RAK for those who do prebuy. Pre-selling would help you know who many kits you would need to supply, you could still do the traditional sales as well.

Anonymous said...

Presale would help to know how much you would need to purchase. Also you could still do the traditional sales. Buy giving the early buers some small rewards. You would be encouraging us to shop early.

And yes Jessicamae3 sent me too!!

Lilas Japonais said...

Votre offre est si généreuse.. Les produits sont extra.
Je me souhaite bonne chance

et bonne journée à vous

Lilas Japonais

safo said...

Comme la dis Kimmie sur son blog, pas d'excuse... alors voila je tente aussi ma chance :) Merci pour ta générosité en tout les cas ^^
Safo xoxo

Cassie said...

I love sneak peeks! I love the extra bundles. I love no extra shipping. I would love it if there was "spend $50-ship free" option...or something close, ya know.

Harley Dee said...

Jessicamae3 told me to come leave an opinion, lol :) Pre-sell is a good thing. I think the Loyalty Points would be a really good thing. Who doesn't love free stuff? :)

PattiM said...

Pre-sales are great.. But as long as I get a kit I've order it doesn't matter to me..... Rewards are a great way of showing you appreciate your customers....

Jessicamae3 said I should leave a comment..


(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!!

Anissa said...

I've just discovered your website ! Very nice !

aworld said...

jessicamae3 on AMR sent me over here. I am loving it all. Sneak peeking sounds like fun. Loyalty is ALWAYS a good thing!

Julie (grenouile25) said...

C'est vraiment généreux ! Vos produits sont superbes !

Merci !

Sophie said...

C'est super, merci beaucoup!!!

destiny1 said...

Jessicamae3 sent me here, too, & I am loving this site! Your extra goodies without extra shipping is AWESOME!!!!

destiny1 on AMR

Ria, Craftyria, Tiggeria said...

I like the idea of a pre sale and sneak peek of the kits. If the kits are great, then the pre-sale would get more people interested in buying them. As a customer, I like to see things before I buy them.

I think different is good!

I love the ideas of extras!

Loyalty points are great as well. You could also offer points for referrals.

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I love the presale idea! I also think it would be great to offer an incentive to buy both Bree and Camille's kits in the same month.

Anne Marie said...

Guess who sent me over here? Hahhaha, yup, Jessicamae! You got a lot of good comments, I'd like to put in a plug for smaller project kits. While I know the monthly kits make more money for a store, it's just way too much product for me. I'd like to see a smaller "sampler" package put together for people like me who like to get just a little bit of the new, fun stuff every month.

Another comment from the editor in me ... hope you don't mind me saying, but the "centered" posts are hard to read. I'd save the centering for special announcements or promotions and have left justification for your everyday posts.

Louchia said...

We always love to get some extras... but your products and kits are amazing even without it!!

The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

LOVING your ideas the SITE....looks GREAT! :):):):):):)

Julie :):):):):):)

Jessica said...

Christmas is REALLY difficult for me. Each year, I am more excited than the next. At 25 years old, I still wake up around 4 am!! I put everything under the tree, wrap it, purchase it etc... so it's not like I DONT know what's there!!

With my kits, I often feel like it's Christmas month after month. I always say, "Okay, I'm not going to look at the kit this month so I can be surprised when it comes!" Never fails, I always spoil it!!

So I say... "spoil" it!! I love the idea of a pre-sale. That may interest more people. Some people subscribe to more than one kit- if your kit were to mail sooner... you just might secure more business.

Also, I know another message board who gives 'points' for comments left on the message board and in the gallery. It's a great way to get people involved. I think more people should give 'points' for referrals. There are many people, like JessicaMae, who refer the products they love. Would be very beneficial!

Stephanie Joanna said...

I love the idea of a pre-sale and of being able to earn loyalty points. Somebody somewhere suggested offering a discounted deal if we order both kits - I think that's a fab idea too. I'd also see like to be able to see pages that were made with the kits the day the kits go on sale, to help me with me decision as to which kit to buy. Can't wait to see what the October kits look like!!!

Deanna said...

I too think that a pre-sale would be a great thing! so many advantages for you AND for us! :D so yeah, go for it! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Bravo !

Jingle said...

I love the idea of loyalty points...that is always something I like to see in a company - rewarding the people who are already there, as opposed to only brand new customers (like the darned cell phone companies! LOL!) I'm not one to buy without seeing, so I don't think I'd be big on the pre-sale because it would be more likely that they will sell out before I feel confident spending my limited sb funds on a kit. I love kits, but I really need to see what I am going to get before I am willing to commit the money to it. Hope that helps you out! Thanks for asking for opinions!

La gachette said...

wow j'adore les surprises! Je tente ma cahcne ici!!!

Nancy (aka La gachette)

Kristen said...

I like the idea of a pre-sale and a sneak peek!

wendy said...

I think going a different direction than other's is great!

MichelleRN said...

Jessicamae3 was right this is a great site. I love the idea of pre order--most kit clubs make you sign up for a certain amount of months so you are committed to buy before you see it anyway.
The extras at no extra shipping sound great.

Rachel said...

Jessicamae3 mentioned that you would like some feedback.

I like being able to see the kit before buying it but if you’re going to do a pre-sale I would love to see sneak peaks before it goes on sale.

Extras that match the kit are always nice.

Loyalty Points are a great idea. It’s nice to get a little bonus for referring people or as a thank you for a six month or one year membership.

~ Rachel in Texas

Anonymous said...

je tente aussi ma chance :) merci de tant de générosité! anne pellerin

Anonymous said...

quelle idée magnifique, bravo !!!
une pré-vente: tip top !!!


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