Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hey Girls Check Me out!

Ok, so as soon as i was uploading my photos Camille called.

I just checked out her post... Love it.
Cute Dream Street Papers.

So I made like 4 cards and they were U-G-L-Y!
Way too embarrassed to show them to you.
So I threw them out and finished up my layout.

Ok, so there weren't a million hearts, and I gave up adhering them to the lo,
but here's my honey making a goofy always!
And then I took my own advice and made mini-layouts. 
 So I actually made 5 cards in very little time... 
Here they are..

Ok ay the first challenge said - Autumn colors....
is it just me... or are orange green and brown, kind of yucky colors?
So this is Bree's take on Autumn colors.
with 3 eyelets, ribbon, and my tag is the hand cut flower in the center...
OK, i don't do well with challenges, but it's dang cute.

One mini card I made with 3 items.... 
1.patterned paper
2. stickles (glitter)
3. sticker

Another mini card using 3 products...
1. patterned paper
3. pop-dots.
Another mini card

1. patterned paper
2. fabric
3. thread

And this one is my favorite....
1. patterned paper
2. vintage card
3. sticker
4. rub-ons....... Oops, I guess this one doesn't count lol
But he sure is dang adorable.

I think I'm actually starting to like making cards. 
It's a super fabulous way to use of your scraps.  
I think I used 3 pieces of patterned paper for all of these beauties.
Funky and Frugal.....
Thrifty and fresh.

So I'm off to clean of my table to start all over again with the Round Robin.



Camille Young said...

Love it, I really like the eyelet mini card.

You CAN make cards...what were you talking about this morning!

You must have found a Starbucks that is open because these look great!

TracyP said...

Dang girl! Those are cute:)
I agree with Camille! LOL

Amanda Ann said...

those are all awesome!! i really love your layout!


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