Saturday, October 4, 2008


YAY! It's National Card Making Day,

another excuse to log on and spend some time with my scrappy friends. 
I will be spending almost the entire day with you guys,
chatting, scrapping and hanging out.


I have to say it up front, get it out of the way...
I suck at making cards.
I try and keep trying and am never happy with the result.
Maybe it's cuz I'm not a traditional type of paper crafter...who knows?
But I needed to get that out of the way.
Camille is definitely the girl to make some very cool cards.
She'll be popping in and put throughout the day.

I am soo excited to be hanging with you guys.
I've got my scissors, glue, supplies, paper... 
but my local Starbucks is calling me.....

Bree.... you need a mocha ....  you need it bad .....  come and get one ...
It's 8:45 am here in Edmonton, Alberta, which is Mountain Standard Time.
(just so you can keep track)
I'm going to do a coffee and treat run and I'll be right back.
While I'm gone ( it's only 3 blocks away)
Is there anything you guys want to do today?

Crop Chick Tracy is going to join us and we'll be playing a Round Robin game,
maybe do some "free shopping" (I'll explain that one later)

And there will be PRIZES!

So if you got some time today, stop by.,
come and chat,
play some games,
do some challenges
win some prizes,

and spend the day with us!

I'll be back in a few to see who's gotten up bright and early to spend the day with us!


MandieGirl said...

i'm here! I have to go to work in a little bit, but i'll be back (might even stop by during work). :) I do not understand this Round Robin thing, but would love to learn!!! Get me some at SBux while you're there, Bree!!! I really need it today!

kristina k said...

The kids and hubby are gone, it's nice and rainy outside, I will be here for awhile...for sure. :):)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl.
So glad you're up and at 'em. I'll miss you while you're at work.

Can you believe it... Starbucks was closed.
No Sh*T! aren't they ALWAYS open.
My heart is broken, my taste-buds craving some hot luscious white mocha. UGH!
Must.... go on......

must ... try.. and make it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kristina,

my hubby is gone until 6... that never happens..
i get almost an entire day to scrap with you guys,,,,
until the kids need to eat or something crazy like

I'm glad you're here... so what should we do first.....?

Man I wish our Forum was up and running....

reload... reload.. reload...

Amanda Ann said...

How fun!!vti

Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda,

Nice to see you...

i love early morning scrapping.

The tunes are blasting..
my kids are watching the FOOD network .. serious
I must not feed them
and the oldest is making cookies.
hmmmmmm it's going to be a fabulous day

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Hi everyone! I just got up! I was up scrapping til 5am! Now I have to leave to get my haircut, but I will check in when I get back. I hope you will all still be here!!!


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