Saturday, October 4, 2008

Round Robin for Card Making!!!

Ok here are the Round Robin Rules.....

At the start of the game, I will post my Card in the comments section of the post (not sure if I can post a pic yet so it may just be telling what and how I used it)
Everyone in the group will set their timers (mainly person#2), and start their own Card to Mimic mine. Person#2 however will be adding mine PLUS adding her own contribution to the card. When her time is up, she will then post her Card (or instructions on what she used and how she used it)in the comments section of the post
The next round begins with everyone adding person #2's contribution (you should already have person #1's done) to their card and person #3 will add person #2's and her own personal touches to said card. It will continue on until we go through everyone in the group. And then we will all have a finished card to give too someone:)

For example if I post my card with a flower on the bottom right corner, with a chipboard piece on the bottom left corner..  You try to do the same. The exact same flower or paper manufacturer are not relevant. I could Be Making a Birthday card and you could be making Baby Shower card.  Unless you have the same items and you choose too! Use my card as a Guideline. 
Does that make Sense??? Ask questions if you don't get it and want to play:)
I am thinking 7mst which is 9 for you East Coasters 
*That should give us plenty of time to have fed the kids Dinner with no interruptions and enough time for people to sign up:)


Amanda Ann said...

I would like to try to play along :)

Anonymous said...

ooo I', in,

Me me I want to play.

Sounds like crazy fun...

kristina k said...

when are you starting? am i too late??


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