Friday, January 9, 2009

it's Cyber Crop EVE.....

It's Friday again! YAY:) I sooo Love Friday's:) It's the start of the Weekend, when FUN things Happen! Such as Our Cyber Crop Tomorrow!!! Hope you can all join us for some Games, Prizes and Challenges!  Did I already say PRIZES!!! Yup it's going to be a scrappy Weekend here at Crop Suey:) in the Forum...

Ok so I have not really had a great work Week! Just sooo Busy and trying to iron out all the new Designs for the Spring Line and setting the Show Schedule. And then we find out our yarn company is going out of business! That's like Paper Manufacturers closing. Yeah frightening when I put it that way huh? Here I sit eating cheese & Drinking my wine in my Hugh Hefner Bath robe (LOL) enjoying the peace and quite for another 45mins before DH gets home and wants Dinner! UGH!!! 

On the Scrappy side of the week. Yeah Not so much time or Creativeness there. I did get one LO done with the  FABULOUS new kit! And I just went to take a picture, and NO juice! LOL just like the rest of my week! SO.. I am charging my batteries and I will post it later when Blogger feels like it likes me! Oh yeah KK every week I have a problem posting a pic! Ok So What's Cheese without a little WHINE:)
Until next Friday...Oh I mean Tomorrow on the Forum! Be there or be Square:)
Happy Weekend:)


kristina k said...

Sounds like a roght week....I'll check back later to see your lovely new work. :)

Kristina said...

i meant rough.

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Hi Tracy! Can't wait to see what you created - and I also can't wait for tomorrow's crop!


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