Monday, January 5, 2009


That's Right!
I'm overjoyed to announce the lovely LUCIANE  FOLCH
 be joining us for this month.

The "Tea and Sweet Cake" features her lovely papers for Scrapdiary.
Get it HERE!
There are limited quantities available, 
so get em while they're hot!

Here is an interview with Lucy....

First of all - tell us a little about yourself - your age, where do you live, your family ...!
Hello, my name is Luciane, I am 38 years old. I am Brazilian, but I have been living in Sweden for the past five years with my honey, Dennis, and my cat Lilly. No kids yet.

I found out about scrapbooking by chance, in 2003, when I first moved to Sweden and needed to find something to keep me sane and to adapt to a new country, but I only started to take it seriously when I went back to Brazil, in 2005. That was when I found out my sister had cancer and I had to distract her with something that was easy to carry around during the chimeo sessions. Since then, both her and I have become addicted.
For many people - Scrapbooking is much more than only putting pictures into Albums and decorating a little here and there. What is Scrapbooking for you?
Scrapbooking is my outlet. It isn't just a way of expressing my emotions on paper, it is also the most pleasurable way of expressing my art and my colorful vision of the World. I don't like to scrapbook my sad side, my scrapbooks are always joyful and carry a positive and fun message.

I want to leave this registered, even if only for myself and maybe in some years I will look at all of this and notice how much I have changed... or not!LOL

For you - what comes first when it comes to a Layout: The photo? The Page-idea?
The story you want to tell?
Most often I look at a photo and I immediately know what I want to do and say. But sometimes the idea for an LO comes up even before the photo. The story is always the last thing and usually behind each LO, because I am capable of writting a book on each photo if I can.

How would you describe your style?
I am very eclectic, I have experimented with every style possible in order to find what I really like. I like experimenting with materials, I like to make my own papers and embellishments, but if I had to put a label on it, I would be a carefree freestyler.

What is you most scrapped topic/theme?
Other than myself, since I have no children, what I scrap the most is my niece Mariana, or friends' children... in fact, I really enjoy scrapbooking for others.

What - from your point of view - is most important for a good scrapbook-page ... perfect pictures? The colours? Papers? Embellishments?
The entire thing, but an extremely beautiful and well taken photograph is, for me, the most important thing without a doubt, and after that, a good title always attracts me.

Do you have any "idols" when it comes to scrapbooking? Any people you adore for their scrap-style or something like that?
Corinne Dellis,that girl is a natural artist!
On top of that she knows and has control of colors like no other scrapper. I admire Celine Navarro and Jo-anne Terra a lot. I think Adrienne Looman is excellent. Claudine Helmuth is magic. In Brazil too, there are excellent scrappers that inspire me a lot, I could talk about the scrappers I love the most for hours.

Are you critical when it comes to judging your own pieces of work or are you always satisfied with the way your layouts turn out?
Not always.
I know when I have done something that is no good... I am aware of it, and often a crappy LO will end up in my trash can. But, most often, I only finish an LO if I am 100% happy with it. But, overall, yes I am satisfied.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to? Do you listen to music while scrapping?
I need silence while I'm creating...Am I not normal?LOL

Do you have a website/Blog you can share with us?
my blog is
But I'm a bad blogger...bad one. LOL
Is there something you would like to say to our readers?
Any advice?
I am extremely honored with the chance to show you my work. This has been a wonderful opportunity.

Thank you very much.

Just be your self, don't try to do what others do. 
Don't compare yourself to anyone. 
You are unique and only you can tell your story!

Thanks Lucy.
We love your work,
and are very excited to have you part of our team this month.
Here are a couple of her layouts ....


jessicamae3 said...

Stunning work! Loved the interview!

3QTGUYS said...

Beautiful! just beautiful!

kristina k said...

so cool!!!

TracyP said...

Oh Hello My Dear Lucy:):):)
So good too see you over here! You know when I first got this kit in the mail, I instantly thought of you!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

OH yeay! Thats so awesome! I love Lucy's work! and might I add the papers in the kit ROCK!

Starlight said...

Thank you so much for your lovely words ladies:)
I´m happy to be part of this party this month.
I hope you enjoy your kits and please show me you work so I cann see what you´ll create with it:)


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