Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Tea and Sweet Cakes for You!

Greetings to you on this wonderful Tuesday! Michelle here! I had a ton of fun with the Tea and Sweet Cake kit this week, and I have two projects to share!

The first one is an "Idea Catcher" book. I made this book to catch ideas (hence the title - nothing like stating the obvious - LOL) such as sketches for future layouts, quotes, color schemes I want to try, etc:
I made the title by putting the white fuzzy letters down (somewhat gently so they stick but not too much) and then sponging black paint over the top. Then I lifted the letters back up before the paint dried. The simple stars and moon are just hand-drawn on the patterned paper and cut out. The strings they are hanging from are just doodled with a journaling pen.

Then I covered the inside cover with patterned paper and added a quote (click on the pic to see the detail):

The back was super easy - I covered it with the coordinating cardstock and added another scalloped strip of polkadots to tie in with the front cover. Stamped a little bird and I was done.
I can't wait to start filling it up! This is going to be fun!

Okay, the second project is one I made last week and forgot to post - OOPS! It's a layout featuring my sweet cat Johnny and his blue sparkly ball (he loves that thing).
Everything in the layout is from the kit except for the black paint around the edges. I love how I happened to get the big letters J and 5, cuz one of my absolute fave groups growing up was the Jackson Five, who were called the J5 by many! Perhaps you didn't need to know that but I couldn't help sharing. :0) Anyways, it worked perfectly for this layout since Johnny is currently five years old! I pinked the edges of the cards to mimic the houndstooth a little bit, and fringed out the pink ribbon - it's supposed to resemble a cat dangler toy (at least in my mind anyway-LOL) and I doodled a little on the green strip at the top.

I hope you like these projects! I'd love to see what you have been making with the kits! Have a great week everyone and I will see you next Tuesday!


jessicamae3 said...

I just love both projects! That cat is too precious!

kristinak said...

Love what you did!! That idea journal is super cute. :)

Anonymous said...

oo I love it..
Im off to make an "Idea Catcher " now. I love it. I always have a thousand pot it notes everywhere and can never find them.. this is brilliant!

Deanna said...

LOVE your notebook Michelle! It's too too cute! That LO is awesome fo sho! hehe!

TracyP said...

your idea catcher is Pure Genius!! Where do you come up with this stuff? Totally dig Johnny the cat too:)


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