Monday, February 2, 2009

Paris Hilton, seriously?

Ok, so I could not help but post about this one?!

I had the pleasure of going to CHA, mostly for the sake of planning/finalizing details for the Scrap ETC event! Now, let me say, I love love love going to CHA, and I always come home feeling so full of ideas and inspiration!

That being said, I can't WAIT to get my Crop Suey kit, because I have some super cute ideas and pics that I am dying to get put down!!

But............Paris Hilton?! Really! Wow! I mean, I know that alot of people try to "maximize" in the scrapbook industry, but really! Come on! Anyways, she was cute enough, but her stuff, well, not so much!

Yes, there was a crowd..........and a big one, flashes going off everywhere, people lined up, ready to get a glimpse, and we were right there with them, just because it was a fun thing to do!

So, that's all for now. Officially stalking my mail carrier! Waiting for the kit!



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