Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Our FIRST Technique Tuesday

I don't know about you guys ,

but I am always learning...
I love new Techniques and new Tricks
to help my style develop..

So I thought I would share this little technique that really packs a punch.


Wax crayons
Pencil sharpener
Wax Paper
and a Clothes iron.

Ink and Brayer
First you will decide what colors you  want to mix on the page.
Then sharpen your wax crayons over your paper.
Let the shaving drop randomly over your cardstock like this
Tear a sheet of wax paper and place on top of the shavings and cardstock.
On a low setting swiftly run the iron over the entire sheet of cardstock.
Remove the was paper
It should look like this..
Now here's the optional part.
I really like the way the background looked, so you can skip this and go on to finish your page.
But if you have ink and a brayer you might want to try this.
Roll your brayer over the ink pad.
And then over your cardstock.
I love the look of messy and grungy,
so idi not want to completely cover the background paper, but feel free to if you desire.

This is how mine looked after a few rolls of the brayer.
Then you are done.
GHo on and finish your layout.
This is also a great technique for art journalling as well.
I'll share my journal page with you tomorrow.
So what did you guys think?
Is this a technique you might use?
Do you have any tips or tricks you would like to share with us?
I hope you enjoyed this photo tutorial.
Came back next Tuesday for another great idea.
And watch for Webisode Wednesday next week as well.



Camille Young said...

Love it, great idea...now my wheels are turning for next Tues!!!

Chris said...

Love this idea. I remember this technique from school but had not thought about it for a long time.
Thanks so much for the tutorial.


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