Friday, April 17, 2009

FuNkY FrIdAy!

Hey all you FuNKy ladies! Today I am going to share a cool way to customize clothing for whatever your FuNKy needs may be. I am currently enrolled in an Art Class at the Alberta Art Gallery, and this week we designed and cut out our own stencils, and used fabric paint or bleach over the stencil to customize some old boring clothes.

First you will need a blank piece of paper to do your sketch on.

Then take a tranparency sheet and place it over the sketch, cut out.

Place it over your article of clothing, grab some fabric paint and a paint brush, and voila!! You have a super cool custom FuNKy piece of art to wear!!! Doesn't get much FunKIeR than that!

Have a fabulous FuNKy weekend!


Anonymous said...

waay cute,, i want one.....

Anonymous said...

actually i think we should start a new business.. what do you say Candace?

Candace said...

lol, just what I need another business. It would be super fun though! I am sure we could think up all sorts of cool ideas together! If you and Camille have a plain black old shirt you want me to do next Tuesday just drop them off.

Kimmy said...

totally fun shirt!


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