Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Technique Tuesday - Altering a Frame

So i was debating and debating on what to share with you guys today,
so I decided to share a little tutorial on how to alter a thrift store find frame into something FABULOUS!
To my surprise, I found out I made the Catwalk over at SIStv with this little beauty!
So now I am super excited running around my office squealing.....
So let's check out the frame 

(I only paid $3.00 - what a steal)

So are you ready to create this little beauty...
Here's What you'll need:
*fabric (vintage is even better)
*hot glue gun and glue
*cupcake liners
*chandelier crystal (mine is from the $1 bin at Michael's)
*buttons (vintage are always better)
*flower punch

So let's get crafting!
Paint your frame
Fit the fabric onto the mat.

Cut down the fabric to about 1" wider than the original mat.

Pull the fabric tight and staple the the fabric on the edges of the mat.
These staples will be hidden when you add the frame on top.

Hot glue the fabric covered mat to the frame.

I made 2 of my 3 flowers out of cupcake liners.
Pile 3 or 4 liners on top of each other, and adhere them together.
(I used glue dots in between each layer)

Snip into the liners to create petals

Fold stacked liners in half.

With your fingers pry the bloom open.

Smoosh the flower base flat and open the bloom to create your flower.
It doesn't have to be perfect..

Add a button and a gem.
I trimmed around my bloom to make it smaller to fit the frame.

Select a monogram, or word.
If you don't have the color you want... paint one.
I needed a much larger letter than i had in a solid color,
so i painted a patterned "B" yellow.
(note: don't throw out those egg cartons, event though they can't be recycled.
they make great paint trays!)

Use your flower punch, die cutter, or premade flowers.
I used 4 flower shapes.
I also cut strips into the petals for more fullness
Ink the edges ( i used yellow) and curl the petals up 
by rolling the edges on your ben. 

Taking 2 pieces of tulle cut into circles 
(i used some from the dollar store - intended for wedding favors)
fold the circles in half once,
and then again.
Cut a rounded petal shape.
Add a brad then tulle then flowers.
I also added a gem to the top of the brad.

Hot glue your blooms onto your frame.

Embellish with your crystal, vintage buttons ( i love them stacked)
I used hot glue to adhere the buttons to the frame. 

Well.. that's it.
What do you guys think?
Did you learn anything new?
Will you make one for yourself?
Do you like project ideas as well as techniques, like today?
Leave a comment and let me know what you think....
I love hearing from you guys..

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 you still have until April 30th to get your name in...



Elaine said...

this is the COOLEST project EVER! I love love love the way it turned out! *Pink and perfect!*

Candace said...

this is so fabulous Bree~! Thanks for sharing, I so want one! HUGE Congrats on making the Catwalk! Can I have your autograph? lol.

Jocelyn said...

Oh Bree.....I love this!!! Now I want to hop in my car and head to the nearest thrift store!!!! I love how you made the flowers and what a great idea with the cupcake liners!!!!! Thanks for sharing with us and WOO HOO on making the Catwalk on Sis. I am off to visit you there!!! Happy Tuesday, sweet friend!!!

Jenneke said...

WOW Bree, I love this tutorial!!! What a wonderful frame you made, I certainly gonna make one of my own!!! Thanks so much for sharing and CONGRATS on the catwalk!!!!!

BeeBopp23 said...

That altered frame is gorgeous!! I absolutely love it!!

Amber Zimmerman said...

I'm in love with this! I have a few vintage frames and they would be so perfect for this. Thanks for sharing and congrats on the catwalk! =)

colie said...

I LOVE it!!! You are inspirational ~ I would never have thought of it myself...

Camille Young said...

Love how it turned out...you totally deserved to make the Catwalk!

Gorgeous...as always!

Leslie said...

Love this!!! Just awesome!

Jen said...

Totally original & totally cute! Way to think out of the box! Love it!

Anonymous said...

These frames are rockin'. Great inspiration. Vintage is so fun. Love to shop the flea markets now. Have a great week.


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