Thursday, September 3, 2009

An Interview with Claudine Hellmuth

We had the wonderful opportunity to get some insight into the talented Claudine Hellmuth.

We asked some questions and she gave us the answers...pretty simple, yet great to know what inspires her!

Where do you find inspiration?
When I am working on my custom artworks for clients I get the inspiration from the client, they present me with an idea and I figure out how I can incorporate it into a collage. I really enjoy working this way, it presents a challenge and it can sometimes be like solving a problem!

Do you ever disassemble a project because it's just not right, and re-do it again?
All the time! If it's not working, it's time to start over!

How do you grow as an artist?
A: Make lots of art!!

Q: What is your favorite paper crafting item?

A: Gel medium! I can't glue anything without it!

Q: What is your favorite tool?

A: Scissors

Q: What item in your studio could you NOT live without?

A: Paint, can not live without paint!

Come back on Saturday for the rest of the interview. She is such an amazing artist...hey, Martha Stewart loves her too!!

Have a great day and be sure to catch the rest of the interview.



Jocelyn said...

Love this interview!!! Can't wait for the rest!!!

colie said...

A big welcome to you, Claudine! I'm looking forward seeing your work... but I guess I'll have to wait. :)


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