Thursday, October 21, 2010

:))))) Stacy Pietryszyn:)))))

Today I am so excited for you to *meet* my 'Co~Conspirator' in this Crop Suey venture, Stacy Pietryszyn!!!!

My love for paper started at a very young age when my mom gave me some glue, scissors and some paper. I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. Helped to have a creative mother, grandmother and great-grandmother who where frugal and kept everything and saw the potential in every bit of scrap fabric, paper, packaging or just about anything. I owe my craft-y-ness to those three women. I have fond memories of my grandmother and I collecting images from magazines that reminded us of our yearly trip to Quebec to visit family and gluing them down to a big scrapbook (you know the old newspaper style pages). Because of this craftyness I started as an adult to always make birthday and Christmas gifts.

In search of a great gift to give my boyfriend (now hubby) I ventured to my local craft store in 2002 and found a pack of patterned paper and some stickers. I made him for Christmas an album of 'our story' which started with our first date and so on and then it was pure addiction from then on. I LOVE paper. Going into a scrapbook store and seeing all the paper is my art gallery.

I don't have a style as I find it is ever evolving and it all depends on my mood on that day. I typically love vintage elements, love to make my own embellishments and do spend alot of time on a project. I think the fastest page I ever did took me 4 hours - which is super quick as it usually takes me at least two evenings to complete a page. I am a planner and usually draw a sketch for my pages and plan every detail.

I do have a great subject to scrap (my three year old son) and am never short of a great picture as my hubby is a photographer. I have been having less time to scrap lately as my son keeps me busy.

I also work full time and have started a small not-for-profit stationary/gift wrapping business where all the proceeds will go towards the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's (JDRF) Walk to Cure Diabetes. My son was diagnosed last year with type 1 and I am so thankful for scrapping and paper crafting as it has been my refuge of the daily struggles with balancing his sugars. For more info please check out

Make sure to stop by my blog Oh Scrap! and leave a comment for 4 chances (yes that is right!) to win a Halloween destash RAk!


~~Mia~~ said...

welcome stacy!! i am so excited to be conspiring together on this adventure!!!

scrappergrl said...

Hi Stacy!!! So happy to be playing together here at Crop Suey!! I'm glad to know there's another SLOW scrapper out there! Love your style!!!

Cassie said...

Fantastic layouts!!!
I am so excited to be part of this team!!!

Stacy Pietryszyn said...

Thanks Ladies! Just realized that my post never posted as it was scheduled to do so this am! So make sure to check out my blog for a chance to win some Halloween goodies!

Natalie said...

wow!! gorgeous layouts :)
i really am blown away to be part of this team!!!


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