Sunday, November 14, 2010

Homemade Glimmer Glam/ Glaze Tutorial

Are you ladies ready to get your Glimmer on?!

I absolutely LOVE the Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze/ Glam but find that here in Canada, they can be a tad pricey for such a little jar of it.
So I figured....why not create my own!!
And I must say, the colors I made turned out FABULOUS!

Here is what you need to get started:
Glazing Medium
Little Jar

Here I am using a 2oz. bottle of regular craft paint.
Pour about 3/4 of the craft paint into your jar.

Then add about 2 - 3 oz. of glazing medium.
I dont have an exact amount of how much sparkles you should add.
The more Glimmer ya want, add lots.
The less ya want, add less.
Fill the rest with water to the top.
Mix is all up with a paintbrush and shake it all up too and ta-da!!
You've got your own Glimmer Glam/ Glaze
I have created 7 different ones so far and LOVE working with them.
The pink one I made is my favorite, but its not in this picture LOL!!
These pictures dont even do it justice!!
These homemade Glimmer Glam/ Glazes are so shiny and have so much sparkle to them.
The glitter I have used in all of them is both chunky and fine glitter and they sparkle like crazy!
Nope, not justice at all LOL!!
In person it is sooo much more glittery.

Well everyone, I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
Hopefully you will try this out and create your own!
The sparkle is much more vibrant in person.

Stay tuned for more great tutorials and stuff!

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~~Mia~~ said...

Great idea Trina!!!! I will have to try this....although I have about 100 bottles of!!! (yes, I'm an addict!!!!!)

jessica_haley555 said...

Wow what an awesome idea. I'm linking this to my blog for my readers to see.

Colleen said...

Great idea. I also make my own glimmer mist so much easier than paying the cost.

lavendarrose29 said...

I love this idea. thanks for sharing trina. I cant get glam here onless I order it online so this is a great alternative.

Cynthialoowho♥ said...

Wow great blog!! I've been making my own too!! I'm a follower now♥

Sarah Mullanix said...

fantastic, I definitely have to make my own now!! :)

Valerie Durham said...

I've been making my own, too, but I hadn't thought of adding glitter! That's just glitterific!!!


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