Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hey Girls! I'm Baaaack!

Hey Everyone. 
Did you miss me as much as I missed you?
Not possible!

First of all I want to say Thanks to my lovely partner in crime , Camille, for taking the reins while I was on holidays.  You are amazing and I couldn't do any of this without you.

Here are a few pics of us and Tim Holtz, 

and Ali Edwards at CHA!

Yes, that's me talking in the photo.  I never stop.  I think Camille needed that well deserved "staycation" away from Bree after 4 days of my lips going non-stop.  Can you blame her! lol.
CHA was a blast. You can read more about it on my blog.   But back to work!
 ANY HOO.....

So as you have probably read we are sooo excited and having soooo much fun getting these kits together.  CHA was a blast and Camille and I just can't decide on just one kit for each month.  Can you blame us?  So we're thinking of offering 2 kits.  You heard me!  
So we were hoping you could fill our comment box with your opinions. 
What do you think?
A Camille kit!
A Bree kit?

We discovered that we both love completely different paper lines and products.  
We  both don't want to compromise or give up our favorites.
Soo what do you all think?
Can't wait to hear what you guys have to say.

Hmmmmm. Should we give away a prize for 
the BEST comment?
the FIRST comment?
the LAST comment?
the FUNNIEST comment?

or how about ALL OF THE ABOVE?

Ok.  I haven't told Camille about this..

But what the hay.  Let's do it!
We got soo many goodies from the show that I just have to share!
I will select winners on Wednesday...
So get talking girls!
Here are some sneak peeks of the prizes....


MandieGirl said...

yay! I'm first! glad you had a great time!!!

laverneboese said...

How about a LAVERNE KIT? hee hee :) Just kidding. I think it would be awesome to offer 2 kits...with totally different styles. Love the idea!

stephanie said...

welcome back! two kits?! that'll make it even harder to decide, eek :)

roxybonds said...

2 Kits would be awesome!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

Kellie said...

Ooooh ahhh, wowzers!!! Two kits, way awesome!!! ;)
Welcome back, glad you have a great time at CHA!!! :)

kristina k said...

looks like you guys had fun!! i think two kits is an awesome idea. people like choices and i am a firm believer in giving the people what they want. ;)

TiteC said...

I'd say just make two kits each month !!
this way none of you will feel frustrated !!

what about a "Bree's kit" and a "Camille's kit" ?

I'd have love to attend CHA... too bad it was too far away from me !! lol

xxx from France

KimmyS said...

What fun photos - btw I am NOT commenting for winning the prizes, as I really dislike Bam should go to a home which will apreciate it.

But as for the Kits, I love the idea of a Bree and a Camille Kit - and you could have a combined one as well, consisting of both Kits for those of us who can never get enough

JJ Sobey said...

If you find your tastes are that different, two kits might be the perfect solution. Then kit subscribers could choose between the two styles that suit them the best. (or opt to switch back and forth each month).

It would offer more choices, and I love choice!

redmom said...

Love the idea of two kits, having a choice is always great! :)

Anonymous said...

Bree here. OK, SO if you don't like BAM POP thta's ok. We've also got a GLITZ DESIGN Digital Kit CD and Some GLITZ DESIGN frosting.....

And a Bree's Kit would be a kit of my faves. and a Camille Kit would be a kit of HER faves. Make sense?

I'm a little more trendy and can be a bit extreme. and Camille is... well I don't want to describe her style... I'll let her do that.... but she does have amazing taste... I can say that for sure.

I am so impressed by the comments. Can't wait to hear more. Keep em coming.

Adrienne said...


That BLINGED OUT Butterfly! EVEN BETTER! Woot Woot!

Kimmieprout said...

How can the first comment be the last if there are many of them??? !!!!!!!!!! Thinking... Thinking... lol

I absolutely love to read you... I must say I'm a bit addicted as I often come here on a same day!

I love how you are honest and you want to do everything to offer the best kits possible. And 2 different kits would be great! I do think it would offer people the opportunity to choose the kit that is more like their style...

And for the Bampop (and other goodies) giveaway, I'd love to have it as I never had the chance to put my hand on Bampop products


Lisa J. said...

Two kits are better than one fo sure! :)

Camille Young said...

Wow, ok, so my style...I don't know if it fits into a category. I love...hmmm, I cannot even describe a style. I like inking, I love paper and I like to be "in control" of my page....but, I can be stretched too. Actually, Bree should have described my style because she is very good at pegging me. So, how's that for an answer (which is not much of an answer at all!!)

Marcie said...

Camille, you answer your questions just like I do! My hubby says that my mind must be going full speed all the time & loves to jump around! I think two kits would be awesome & since my daughter's name is Bree I am totally for a Bree kit and a Camille kit!

Sandy said...

first of all i think you should give away a prize for the 17th comment, and a prize from the first "sandy" to post a comment....(-:

i actually think two kits would be really cool...or even do one mid-month b/c that is a long month waiting for you next kit to arrive when you love kits AND mail as much as i do!!! big hugs! glad everything is going so well - you must be getting so excited!!!! (-:

Sheryl said...

Holly Shnerbart Batman it looks like you 2 girls had a hoot. I love reading all about your trip because I can feel the excitment of your trip in your words.

Kits hmmm. I have a funny feeling you 2 are as different as night and day, black and white, up and down...well ok you get the picture. I think you should do 2 kits but perhaps with the option for us to purchase both kits. I never know what mood I will be in when I sit down to scrap. I am convinced my children have split my personallity into night and day, black and white, up and down...well ok you get the picture.

The bottom line is this I can't wait to see your kits. I think both of you are exceptional women. I think you will have something that will appeal to us all no matter what our style is.

This is what I know:You both have such giving spirits and have shown so much love for us your future clients that there is no way we will be disapointed in your kits. You 2 have invested so much time and reserch into your kits that they will blow our socks off.
You Girls Rock!!!!!!

Christa said...

LOL when I get my pic taken (which is not that often because I take really bad pics. You can see a new one on my blog from this weekend) Anyway as I was saying I always have my mouth open too. :) But to get a pic with Tim or Ali... OH YEA I'd do it!!!
Sounds like you 2 had a blast. Wish I could have gone, but I guess I'll live it through you guys. lol

2 kits??? Holy wow and reading how both of you described your taste. OH YEA I'm all over it!!! They are going to be great kits to pick from.

Oh and you 2... are like 2 peas in a pod. I stop over here a couple times a days to read ya'lls posts. You always have me giggling. lol

looking forward to see the kits!!

P to the A to the T to the T to the Y said...

YOU lucky lucky girls!!! Look at all the lovely paper, oh what I wouldnt give to get my hands on that and make all kinds of goodness!!!

Donna. said...

Oh my... I think I'm in scrappy goody heaven!!! 2 kits will kill my wallet! But, I think it may be worth it... ;)

Love the pics! How cool that you met Ali E. & Tim H.? color me green with envy!

Melaniestan said...

I think 2 different kits with 2 different styles would be awesome then a again a mixed kit with 2 different personalities would be awesome too.-that is what makes scrapbooking fun.-ok-I so didn't help here-but your get the picture-don't cha!?!?!?

To be a good, new club you need a twist on kits-bring both of your styles into it. Give us kit lovers something we can't get anywhere else. A good kit get is based on style (both kit wise and design team wise)

I'm really excited to see what is up your selves-specially with the vintage finds!

jessicamae3 said...

2 Kits are better than one. Or is that two heads are better than one? Or two chocolates are better than one? Or two ice teas are better than one? Or two dolars are better than one? Or two jellybeans are better than one? Or two days off are better than one? Or two hands are better than one? Or two popsicles are better than one? Or two cookies are better than one? Or two pairs of shoes are better than one? Or two bracelets are better than one? Or two packages are better than one? You know there are alot of things that are better as two than just one! I think you girls need to offer two kits.
Just think of the profit!?! You know how scrappers are....they have got to have it all. Not only that, that is twice the shopping for the two of you. How can you go wrong???
I love it all!!!

Edleen said...

loving those BamPop! and Yummy stuff!!! :D

2 kits!!! Wow...just Wow! :)
can't wait!

Mara... said...

What I really want to know is where are your hands in that Tim Holtz photo??? You aren't giving him a little goosey are you? Hee Hee Hee...

I think 2 kits would kick bootay. Especially if they are different styles. What better than two different things to chose from? Then if you want them get BOTH! Moderation is highly overrated.

Can't wait to see the kits!

Ginger Dougherty said...

I can't wait to see what little lovelies you guys put in your kits!!! Looking for a new kit club to call home.

Kimmy said...

two comments would be cool... or maybe alternate months... I know there are some people out there who could probbaly only afford one kit per month... though if you 2 both have differnt tastes... and we all have different tastes... maybe we'd only want one kit per month?

So yeah do two! :D

Alecia said...

You girls are so totally fun. How very cool of you to do some RAKs. I'm loving the idea of a Bree & Camille kit!! Can't wait to see what you ladies cook up for us!

wendy said...

Sigh...I'm in love...TWO kits!!!! :) YES!
This gives a variety to members as their tastes are all different too! AND gives those of us that are in love with both...the option to get BOTH :)

I love the pictures...and I agree...I would have been chatting a mile a minute too :)

I like randomness of picking comments :) everyone a shot.

Glitz and BAM POP will both get used in this household that's for sure!

Thanks for updating the blog so often...keeps interested and I love hearing from you gals :)

Anonymous said...

Hey ladies! I'm so glad to hear you both had a great time at CHA and loved so much stuff! I think the idea of a kit for each (Camille & Bree)is wonderful. Cuz really, not everyone does have the same tastes, so maybe I would like one but another scrapper would like the other kit. So why not?!
Oh, and here's a fun little scrapper joke for ya.:)

A Scrapaholic's Confession

Author: K Haynes

(Note: CHAOS = Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)

Bless me, Scrap Fairy, for I have sinned, I know that's hard to believe; But it's not my fault, I'm a victim, you see, Of a sickness, a curse, a disease...

They say that confession is good for the soul, But I'm not convinced that that's true. So I'll tell you my faults and shortcomings, And I'll leave the decision to you.

That scrapbooking thing has got me for sure; I start with the best of intentions! Just let me check the CK website-- Oh look! A list of conventions!

Snacking is good to help with my scrappin' Though I tend to overindulge. Cakes and cookies and chocolates galore! My bulges are starting to bulge!

Oh my! How I buy the things I don't need Eyelets and ribbons and vellums. If anyone asks, "I've had it for years!" At least, that's what I tell 'em!

A scrap room? What's that? Stuff's all over the house I suffer from *CHAOS,* you know, No one comes, no one visits, except UPS He's my very best friend, that Joe!

Buy now! It's on sale! They won't have it again! The gadgets, the papers, the glues Look at the money that I can save! How can I possibly lose???

Organization is an area where I am certainly lacking I need help with that, others say But how can I do it? I've got things to do! How can I waste a whole day?

So here I sit amongst all of my clutter Housekeeping's a thing of the past Dusting and vacuuming and tidying up What's the point??? It just doesn't last!

I have too many ideas and not enough time They say that denial is rough I have it...I know it....can't find it.... Oh well....I'll just buy some more stuff.

I know that they pay me to do a good job But this 8 to 5 job gets so stressful I need a vacation...I need to relax... And then I will be more successful!

I spend time at work doing scrapbooking things I search for a phrase or a verse The perfect layout is all that I need My addiction is more like a curse!

I tell my husband that if I should die The best thing for him to do Is to have a garage or a fire sale And be sure to include all of Y-O-U!

I guess I'm a sinner, so give me my penance And hurry! Send me on my way! I've a 40% coupon right here in my purse Oh my expires today!

Anonymous said...

I am totally lovin' the feedback ladies. Sara you totally cracked me up. Thanks I needed that this morning.

I m glad you are digging the idea of 2 kits, because it is gonna be sooo hard to give up all the things I want. And I want it all. I have narrowed down my favorites and I still have enough picked out until January. The goodies are just so freakin' cute. Just wait.... it'll be worth it.

So when I talked to Camille last night she didn't have a great way of describing herself... but I do. Camille's scrappin' style is definitely CLEAN, and SIMPLE with a SASSY TWIST! That kinda sums up Camille.... personality and all, She's so practical, in an amazingly great way, and yet so cute and funky.

Keep the comments coming I love hearing every single one of them. U guys are the BEST ever!

Angelica said...

2 kits!!!, very cool, the more the merrier. I think is a great idea. Great to hear you gals had a blast a CHA, keep the photos coming. Can't wait to see what's next.

TracyP said...

I vote for two kits!!!! hmmm... I don't think anybody is doing that! Eureka I think you have a Brilliant idea there!A fun funky kit and a Traditional kit! WOW I am so excited I cannot wait too see what you both decide:):)

Jessica said...

i give the 2 kits idea, 2 thumbs up!

Sarah said...

To quote Three Dog Night: 1 is the loneliest number, so maybe 2 kits would be better...Ok, they didn't exactly say it like that, but you get what I mean.

Pick me for your prize, oh please pick me!

Judean said...

omg, bree, I had NO idea you were making kits!!! Thant's so cool, and I am super psyched because I love your style! Fun stuff--can't WAIT to see what you put together!!

Sheila said...

Two kits. Twice the fun! I can't wait to see them!


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