Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So today is going to be a jam-packed day of scrappy goodness!  

Camille and I are getting to together to finalize our product choices and orders.
I am so excited at my picks. 
I can't wait to have these new product lines in my hands so I can play!
Oooo, you guys are gonna be so happy with our choices.  
We received some great vintage stuff in the mail yesterday... It's so exciting. 

Hey Camille!  
Are you out there?  
Should I post some more sneaky peeks of our Happy Mail?
What do you guys think? 
Or should we wait for the big reveal? 
The anticipation is killing me.
I can't wait until there is less time in between reveals.  This is killing me slowly.  
And as you all know I love to talk, and keep quiet is not something I 'm not very good at.
I'm sure you guys are going to talk me into spilling the beans.  
Each and every comment I read just make s me want to shout it out!  


So please don't leave comments trying to twist my arm into telling you.
Please don't try and convince me to post more photos, 
cuz I might be broken easier than you might think.
Please don't try bribing me with kind words and compliments,
because I'll probably BUST!
Just ask Camille.  
She needed that well deserved "staycation" while I was out of town,
just to let her ears recover from all the constant  Bree chatter. lol

Have I told you that I love to give away freebies? 
 With more twisting and turning I might also be convinced to give away some more stuff.
So don't leave me any comments, 
because I know you like surprises,
and you don't want me to give anymore  prizes out.

OKAY! So did you read the title today?
That's right!
We are gonna start bringing you some scrappy tutorials.
What do you guys think?
I know when I've picked up a mag or book and I see something really cool
I want to see how it's done. 
I want to see what's new and what's hot in the Scrappy world.
So keep watching the blog cause we are going to start bringing you some
great videos starring.....
(this is us in Chicago after our "power" shopping trip)

I think I might even be able to talk some of our
into posting a few too.
What do you guys think?

Did you submit to our DESIGN TEAM CALL?

Do you want a free kit?

Do you want to help us post on this crazy blog?

Do you want to help us post some great tutorials?

Do you want to be featured in the Gallery every month?

Don't forget Friday is the cut-off date!


Oh oh! Did I reveal too much Camille?  
When I get talking, I get excited, and then I start spewing out uncontrollably.
Did i give anything away?

I better stop before I get myself in trouble.



jessicamae3 said...

Oh yeah!! I am first!
I wanna see peeks, go ahead, just put it up now...I am the only one here, I promise not to tell anyone!!!
I am so excited to see sneaks and your DT reveal!

Marcie said...

Bree, you are a riot! I personally like a person that talks a lot, and if you happen to spill a couple of secrets about the kit, oh well! I won't tell!

Camille Young said...

Ok, so who can really answer all of Bree's questions -that's a challenge for anyone!!!!!

sarahwhithers said...

hahaha! That was too fun to read bree! You crack me up! I am looking forward to seeing the great stuff you guys got and who made your DT. I can't wait to see the wonderful work you guys all put out!!

wendy said...

Um...YES to all your questions :). You have so much excitement built up...spill something...just a tease of something...something to get me through till Friday :)

You guys really are the best, nicest, fun people I've met in a long time...(have you broke yet?...huh?...throw us a bone :)

And no...don't stop...we'll hold Camille down in the corner and you just keep things coming :)

redmom said...

I'm loving the daily updates with all the crazy fun banter!!!
Nah don't show us any more peeks or give us a anymore chances to win freebies....we really don't like that!
HA who am I kidding BRING IT ON!!! ;)

JJ Sobey said...

Of course I submitted to the DT call, and the more I read on this blog, the more I want the 'gig', because you two sound like a fun bunch to work with!

Can't wait to see what's in the kits!

laverneboese said...

How about this....why don't you just email me the sneak peeks...I promise I won't tell anyone, hee hee....

kristina k said...

too cute. :):)
please post some pics!!!!

Jessica said...

I'm good...I love surprises!!

KimmyS said...

oh oh oh oh oh c'mon you know you WANT to show us some sneaks....
I know that I deffo want youto show some sneaks. Whatcha say of I bribe ya with some choccie cupcakes??

I love the idea of the tutorials btw - they are always very helpful and inspiring and if you can get your DT to work on them too - all the better!

One suggestion for the pictures you post on this blog - they are always so tiny...and when I click on them they don't open up to reveal a bigger picture. Is this something you would consider changing for the future? I love to drool over BIG pictures of yummyness....

TiteC said...

OMG can't believe the announcement is saturday already !! (in fact... I SO want to be in the team my fingers ache from being crossed !! lol)

I love the tone of this blog, I think being on your team will be LOADS OF FUN !!!

and... YES to all of the questions... OF COURSE !!

have a very nice evening

xx from France

Adrienne said...

IM chanting Free stuff free stuff free stuff
Free stuff free stuff free stuff
Free stuff free stuff free stuff
Free stuff free stuff free stuff
Free stuff free stuff free stuff


Hmmmmm... peeks are nice. free stuff is better! AND THE DT REVEAL! Rawr

Alecia said...

First off, you didn't give ENOUGH away, hehe! I'm loving reading all these super fun posts from you two! So much excitement going on here!!

And video tutorials?? WAY COOL!!

By the way, do you like chocolate?? I'm a pretty good cook too!!

Lynn said...

Sneak peeks are always good but I love a surprise too! Can't wait to hear about the dt! You guys seem like you have a blast...it'd be fun to be part of a team like that! Keeping my fingers and toes and anything else that can cross, crossed! =)

Donna. said...

I can't wait for more. How cool is it that you are doing vid tuts??? SO COOL!

Shannon said...

Very exciting stuff! I am so stoked to see all the fun stuff you have planned and who the fabulous DT will be! YAY! :D

Dana said...

I can barely stand the suspense!! My nails are bitten to nubs :)

Pearl Rigonan said...

i tried out for the DT stint too :)
who doesn't love freebies and the freedom to create & create some more?!?
i stalk this blog EVERYDAY wanting to see more.. and tutorials - argh! you guys are killers :)

P to the A to the T to the T to the Y said...

I think having the new design team members post videos would be superific:)

Now can I see some peeks please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

I cant take the suspense, I was never good at waiting.
I used to unwrap christmas presents and re wrap them when I was younger.

Michele said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what the first kit looks like! It sounds like it's going to be pure scrap candy.

Edleen said...

already excited!

Best of Luck to All that applied and what cool stuffs the DT will be playing with! :D

Sheryl said...

Oh yeah baby!!!I want to see and hear more. I can't wait to get my hands on some goodies. I also can't wait to see who made the design team. The talent around here is amazing.I'm heading out of town for the weekend and will miss the anouncement but you can be sure 5 minutes after I get home I will be logging on to find out.

Martha said...

can't wait to see who makes the DT... Good luck


please respect the hard work that has gone into not only the blog headings/buttons/blinkies etc but also the work done by the design team. nothing should be taken off this blog without permission. thanks so much for your respect and understanding.