Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

So the website is almost ready,

and the kits are coming together.
The design team members are picked,
and the waiting.........

...................IS KILLING ME!

How many more days left?

AHHH, 12 more sleeps.
I just can't take it anymore.

How are you guys holding up?
Have any of you tried the RECYCLE challenge this week?
What about Camille's Challenge?

If you answered no......
I'll be working on Camille's challenge for me today,
I encourage you guys to do the same.
I want to give away some more goodies....
So I'll give the Recycle challenge a couple more days and that's it!
Then I'll draw the winner.

Have you guys been to my blog to see mine?

Here's just ONE of the MANY. 
I have been working on.

So Since I can't make the hands of time move any faster,
I am encouraging you guys to go and CREATE something today.

And Watch for the new YOUTUBE video tutorial coming later this week.



jessicamae3 said...

I am so excited to see it all put together. It's a good thing I like puzzles, because I can see it forming in my mind. But with the two of you adding your fabulousness to the site/kit/book I am sure I will be blown away!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I am counting the days just like you! Can't wait because I know Crop Suey kits will be fantabulistically different from anything else out there. I love how you and Camille are giving us the daily updates - I look forward to coming here each morning to see what's going on! Thanks! Can't wait to see my kit!


TracyP said...

Ok....I cannot take it anymore!!!! LOL I am going to do Camille's Challenge today, already picked my picture, I guess I could do more scrappy recycled LO's!!! Counting the days:):):):) And I like Michelle enjoy the updates and coming here first thing in the morning too see whats on the agenda! Just I guess I am up before everyone else because of our time zones:) so yes more waiting for me.....

wendy said...

I'm excited to see everything coming together!

The tutorials are fun to see!


please respect the hard work that has gone into not only the blog headings/buttons/blinkies etc but also the work done by the design team. nothing should be taken off this blog without permission. thanks so much for your respect and understanding.