Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hey Ladies.

Camille and I have been extremely busy finishing up all the orders and finalizing our kits.
We are working late nights and early mornings.
But it has been a blast!
I have been visiting  the local Starbucks so often 
they have offered to power me via intravenous.. lol

Have i mentioned how much fun putting our own twist
 on the BREE and CAMILLE kits has been?
I'm so glad we chose to do 2.

Because I want them both.  lol

AND I am just dying to get my hands on all the goodies we have ordered.
All i can say is there is gonna be a little bit of this, and a little bit of that.
Hmmmm I'm not telling!

(My daughter India)

Have I reverted to the childish gestures of a 7 year old?
mmmmm...... YUP!

Wanna know more.....
keep bugging and pestering me and I PROMISE I'll give in.
And I never break a promise!



Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I wanna know more!!!!! (Is that pestery enough???) LOL! Seriously, I am just so excited to see what's in store! It's so fun to check this blog every day for the update! Thanks you two!


wendy said...

Happy Tuesday :-)

Enough already with the teasing ... show me the money ... er parts of the kits!!

Hopefully the starbucks around you aren't closing...I don't know what you would do lol. We have 5 in our city that are closing. One really close to work...darn no more lemon loafs!

kristina k said...

sneaks would be good....i love sneaks. :):)

TracyP said...

Yes!!! Sneaks are Fabulous:):)
Getting way excited!!!!!!
Hey Bree did you get my email???
Let me know:):)


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