Saturday, August 23, 2008

Twas the night before Christmas, not a creature was stirring...

...because they were all at Crop Suey waiting for the kit reveal!

So Bree is gone to Calgary for the weekend. I'm at you've got me to listen to again today!!

I've been thinking back and going through some pics. I have to share these two with you. When Bree and I got together to do our video tutorial about the sticker organizer, we had a funny moment (actually several funny moments)!

Once we were done making our sticker organizer, Bree told me to get my packages of stickers and we would hang them all up. I wanted my organizer to look like Bree's (it was so full and there was so much to choose from.)

So I ran downstairs and got ALL of my stickers etc that were still in packages. We took them and hung them up and then...(well actually the final result was pretty sad)

Well, see for yourself...

I wanted so much for it to be full! Now I am on a mission to fill it up. You will have to stay tuned for the pics when I actually have a fuller and more fulfilling organizer! Give me about a month!

So look for the website next week. Then we will REVEAL our KITS on 1 SEPTEMBER!

Only 8 days to the BIG day!! Persevere ladies...

It will all be worth the wait! I know that Bree and I are busting at the seams wanting to tell you.

WE are exercising extreme discipline (well, mostly...ok, not so much...but last week's peaks are probably enough to keep you on the edge of your seat for the rest of the ride!)




jessicamae3 said...

I'm stirring...hahaha! It is late Friday/early saturday here! Just finished my own blog.
I am so feeling your need to fill your lamp shady! You can do it!!!!
I look at lamps in a whole new light.....
Have a great weekend!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Oh I feel for you Camille! You look so sad in the pic! Just think of all the fun shopping you can do to fill it up! Yeay!

wendy said...

Yes I'm on the edge of my seat! Can't wait to see more coming up in a little over a week :)


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