Thursday, September 18, 2008


So I was thinking about what I am going to do with all this "free time" while I'm housebound,

and since I am completely addicted to ATC swaps, I thought I would host one here.

Here's the idea:

How about a 5 Month ATC SWAP. 
I know it sounds like a huge commitment, But I think it will BE AWESOME.

It'll go like this.

OCT 31 we will each make so many atc's based on the 1960's
Nov 30 we will each make so many atc's for the 1970's
Dec 31 we will each make so many atc's for the 1980's
Jan 30 we will each make so many atc's for the 1990's
Feb 28 we will each make so many atc's for the 2000s

Think of the fabulous ATC's that will come from this.

So each month you will make 15? cards based on that decade.
It can be Music, Fashion, celebrities, toys, tv shows, movies, hair styles...

The list is endless. No rules.... 

I'm dying to get started on these...

So let's start sign-ups.

DEADLINE for 1960's cards will be OCT 31

This should give us lots and lots of time to get these done.

$5.00 sent to me, cuz I'm in Canada,
(I will send them out at the end of each month.)

The extra postage will go to Win House (Women In Need)
It is a safe home for abused Women and children here in Edmonton.
I've opened this to EVERYONE!
There is a thread over at SIStv and on my blog.

Can't wait....

Who's in?

I'm soooo in

1. Bree (hotmama)
2. Camille (I'm just signing her up, this will be he first, she's an ATC virgin.)
6.ravenea (Crop Chick Michelle)
9.blw (brenda)

I'll update this everyday or so. So leave a comment if you want in...


jessicamae3 said...

Umm...let me think about it...mmmm...welll....MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

blw said...

okay...i'm in--i'm an ATC virgin too

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brenda.... Any one else!!!


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