Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Wednesday!

Good morning everyone! It's Crop Chick Kristina here reporting for duty. ;)
It is so cold here this morning. The seasons have changed really fast and I am totally unprepared. I have been living in tank tops for the past six months, and I am so excited to buy some great fall clothes and dress up in cozy sweaters and boots.
With another season upon us, this means that we have a whole new set of photo taking opportunities in front of us.
Fall is my favorite time of year for taking pictures. ( In case you didn't know, my day job is a professional photographer.)
There are so many fantastic colors and fun family activities to explore. You can go apple picking, jump in the leaves on the ground, splash around in the puddles, or just go for long walks and check out the surrounding foliage. Make sure to take advantage of the changing seasons, grab that camera and take some pictures. Because after all, how you can you scrapbook with Crop Suey's kits, if you don't have any fun and inspiring new pictures to scrap?

I will leave you with another layout that I created with Bree's September kit, and get ready because October's kits will be here soon.

That little lady in the top left is from the back of the contact paper in the kit. :)
Have a happy Wednesday!


Tanya said...

Your layout is just beautiful!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

I love your layout Kristina - that woman in the corner is just so cool! Great post - I love fall too - autumn colors are the BEST!

jessicamae3 said...

I lov elove love fall...we dont have fall here...not until about end of January anyways. Today it is windy(that's kind of fallish) and 87*! There are these trees though that change each September. They get yellow flowers on them and then they turn a mauveish pink. Maybe I will just document that fall change here! YAY! See that you girls just keep on inspiring!
Love this layout alot! Those two its are fab...I can't wait for mine! Now about October. I think it is very very very unfair BREE is not letting some sneaks slide through! What's that all is the 24th afterall!!!!
Off to check out your personal blog and see some more yummies!

jessicamae3 said...

I meant kits! Not bits, or zits, or pits!

Anonymous said...

Love love love this. Kristina.... you totally rock!

You are a scrapbook rock-star!

Jessica, I swear both kits are on their way, they have to be there today, or maybe tomorrow. i promise! I'm dying to se what you make eith them...

hmmm sneak peek huh? Watch for it... tomorrow!

jessicamae3 said...

I can't wait til tomorrow! More peeks!!!
The kits get her when they get here! Not yet though! Hey, I found some mountie playing cards today at the flea cool is that?
Thought of you girls.

TracyP said...

Love it!!!! We have an Awesome DT I must say! Everyone's LO's are so Awesome:):)


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