Saturday, October 25, 2008

Looks like winter arrived here...

We had our first snow this week... Yeah, well. It's always magical the first time of the year, but then, when you just don't know where to put it since there is just too much, the magical aspect of it is simple no more... magical.

November, the month of my birthday, is also arriving quickly. I can't believe how fast everything goes. But it also means that there will be two new kit at Crop Suey!!!
Mine is in the mail, and it seems that going two times a day at the post office doesn't make it arrive faster. ;) But I'm not realistic. Going the next morning the kit has been posted, hoping it's there... I guess I'm just impatient... lol!
I'm off to Quebec City, which is celebrating its 400 anniversary this year!
See you!



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