Thursday, November 20, 2008


So Camille and I spent the entire afternoon 
organizing and putting together kits
 of all shapes and sizes for our Big December Sale.
What was that Bree?
Did you say SALE?
It's all so exciting.
But it's all only  a rumor...
(I think I just spilled the beans, oh crap!)
Camille is going to kill me.
So get counting those saved pennies,
 and break open those piggies,
cuz I se something BIG in our Future!

I better change the subject before you-know-who....
starts sending me threatening emails...

 We are sponsoring a challenge over at the Fabulous GUTTER GIRLZ!
How fabulous is that.
Did you know that the incredible Kristina (Crop Chick) was a designer for them?
I am very excited because I love playing along.
So watch for the January Prompt,
because you could win a FREE KIT!

Gotta run (fast)  before I get caught.


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Ooh a sale sounds fun! And so does the Gutter Girlz in December! I will watch for that challenge!

TracyP said...

I am always a sucker for a $ale:):):)
Ooooh and Gutter Girls!!! Such a Fabulous site!!!

kristina k said...

so exciting!! I will have to go back and play along.....:)


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