Friday, December 19, 2008

Buried in the SNOW....

Well My 2 week vacation officially started today! It's a Snow Day:) No school and No work and Foot of Snow on the ground. Baking cookies and going sledding.......Well Chanukah begins in only 2 days!!! No I am not Jewish, But my Neighbors are and they always have a huge celebration. And Christmas is less than a week away! I will be leaving in 3 days to head to Durham,NC for Christmas this year. Kinda excited, kinda not:)... I have never ever been away from home on Christmas. And well there is NO Snow in NC. Of course I have more than I can handle today and at least another foot or so on the way day after next! LOL
I did however finish up this LO this morning. It is kind of a collage of goods. I used December's Peeking Duck kit and several items from past kits. And several items that weren't even in a kit! Yeah that's how I roll:) LOL

Enjoy:) and Happy Holiday's everyone! Next week I will be on location in Warm & Sunny Chapel HillEach year my DD and I goto the MSU Children's Gardens. And each year is as amazing as the first (Which was 7 years ago!) to my DD it is more than a garden with statues and Beautiful flowers. it is a place where she can Dream and be anybody she want's to be. A Place that allows her imagination to run wild. A Place where she has taught me that being a Mother is a wonderful, Loving and fulfilling Journey that I cherish. I think we both have a whole new outlook on life once we visit there. A Place I hope she never out grows:)
Journaling is a Poem from the "Garden of Life"

But each Blossom, leaf and fruit the truth affirmed, 
Thanks giving. There in that calm and sunlit place
she showed me the Joy of Living:)


Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

Wow. Simply Wow. I love your layout Tracy! That poem is so perfect for the photo and the page is dreamy and whimsical. LOVE IT.

kristina k said...

I love that layout!!!! :):) I hope you enjoy the next two weeks, my friend. :)

Anonymous said...

Girl you amaze me I love love that layout...


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