Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year Ladies!!!!!

I know I blew you guy's off last Friday!:( Sorry. The day got up with me, and before I realized I hadn't Blogged it was already Monday! Vacation does that to you I guess!
Well it's a New Year! I am so excited for 2009. And a *NEW* kit! Bree's January Kit is Amazing, with the Awesome ScrapDiary papers! I Just Love, LOVE, Love it!!!! It's FUN, Funky and Bright!
Fresh Start: New Directions! In the past I have set goals that are like most others. You know loose weight, Eat Healthier, yada...yada....yada. So this year I decided to set forth some Scrappy goals! Some of them are more things I am currently doing and just simply added for a reminder to continue to do them!
1. Spend the Afternoon- Remixing the ordinary in a virtual World. Yeah I like to mix things up. Life can be so redundant, and mundane. In my scrapping I like to change things up Daily.

2. Create Creative Inspired Art. I think this is what we all try to do with each and every LO,card or altered item. Take Inspiration and Create and Give inspiration to others. It's a Win..Win

3. Learn the Rules, To Break the Rules.. Yeah My favorite. There are Rules.. In scrap booking??
Who knew!  My Motto about Rules. They are more like Guidelines! LOL When it comes to challenges I have decided to make the Challenge my own! Unless it's a required element I change it up! I strive too be Original. Sometimes I see a LO that I must lift. However I still try to add my own unique style.

So there are my Goals for 2009! Hopefully you have set some of your Own Scrappy Goals for the New year as well!
Have a Happy Weekend!


Adrienne said...

Great GOALS I love em!

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

OMG Tracy - Your layout is AWESOME! I love the mix of titles and the bright colors and how you combined everything!

Camille Young said...

Love your LO, I think I need to make one outlining my goals for 09!

It makes them more "real" when you see them (and are reminded of them daily)

Great goals, keep working toward achieving/maintaining them!

Anonymous said...

Wo. Love those goals.
And that layout is divine.

Happy new years my friend!

kristina k said...

Love this layout and all of your fabulous goals!!! :)


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