Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm lost in my backyard...

The past week has been crazy at my house. We are in the beginning stages of crafting our backyard into a livable place. It's slow going because we've been forced to do most of the digging and "forming"ourselves; but there is progress (otherwise I would have given up by now!)

Anyhow, I thought I would share two pics with you.

Here is my scrap table...
It's not easy for me to work in this mess. I was one of those university gals who cleaned my room spotless before beginning to study for an exam...get all the distractions out of the way first!

And, after a bit of digging I found this...
This is the LO that I started working on last Wednesday in the hopes of showing you by the weekend.

Yup, it's not done yet. I am hoping to find the time to dig into the fun Sausan paper tonight!

So, let's hope I find the energy tonight after digging in my yard all night (our sun sets at 10:45pm here in the summer, not conducive to calling it quits outside early and settling into my cozy corner for some "me" time!)

...let's hope the shovel or wheelbarrow take a turn for the worse!



Jocelyn said...

Wow the sun sets that awesome is desk looks the same way!!! Summer does seem to take over...I have flower beds with weeds calling my name!!! It has been such a tough week for the family....I just have not been able to put a thought together to scrapbook...but hubby is deep sea fishing today and maybe I can sit down and go through the mess on my desk!!!!! Have fun playing :) in the yard!!!!

sausan said...

Well good luck with your backyard Camille...although I must admit that it doesn't really sound appealing..I'd rather clean my desk (If you know my desk you'd know that this is a really heavy task..) and scrap :)Oh and of course I'd love to see what you are coming up with!

Anonymous said...

i totally do that as well. i start a layout on my big pile of scraps, and then i find it a week or two later! :)

hope your yard is coming along well!


L'Hélène said...

10h45??? Where do you live?

And I thought I lived far north (Montreal)


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