Monday, April 11, 2011



Hi! I'm Nat, a twentysomething mother of one, who found the creative therapy of scrapbooking in 2009. I'm a teacher by day and a cook, cleaner & maid by night.

I'm a bit of a rebel - i don't seem to have a style, but i do like colours and making a mess using paints and inks!

Thanks for having me back to this talented team and the funky challenges!!

nat xox

Check out some of Nat's work!!!! :)

I don't really have a set style or follow any rules or trends (rebel seems to be my middle name, not sure if this is a good thing though!) I pick my colours, patterns and I simply go where my creative juices take me.

Thank you for picking me to part of this uberly talented team :) !!!


Jenny said...

love your eclectic and whimsical style, Nat!

scrappergrl said...

So glad you're still playing on the Crop Suey team Natalie!!! LOVE your work!!!


please respect the hard work that has gone into not only the blog headings/buttons/blinkies etc but also the work done by the design team. nothing should be taken off this blog without permission. thanks so much for your respect and understanding.