Wednesday, April 13, 2011


me ;) mia clarke, the conspirator here at crop suey!

i started scrapbooking about 3 years ago, at which time, i insisted i would never become one of those crazy scrappers who shops too much and spends way to much time getting down and dirty in their scrap room making huge messes that never get cleaned up., yeah, about that....oops.

i plan to start working in the natural health care field very soon, soon, soon. as soon as i can find time :) and perhaps some motivation, and um the ability to rip myself from my scrap room, and um maybe clean it up a little?

the only way i can describe my scrappy style is random and messy. sometimes less random, sometimes less messy but usually a variation of the two...i just do what i do and i don't know that there is a better way to describe it...

we're a pretty laid back, easy going and fun family. i like being a part of this household :) my hubby is a gem, truly, i have no idea how i got so lucky...sure wasn't anything i ever did! he is kind and sweet and fun and funny and sensitive and caring and rough and tough all man too. my little man is my personality thru and thru so we, um, might butt heads a bit (how the hell can anyone live with me?!!! hahaahah!!!!) but he looks just like his dad so at least i'm not looking in a mirror while we fight, lol!!!

and i have one more love ~ reading. *sweet sweet books*

and that about sums it up :) i am so excited for this term at crop suey and i have a lot of really fun things planned, so don't forget to follow us and make sure you stick around :) :) :) first challenge with the new DT will be posted may 5th and the sponsor hilite will be up on may 1st so be sure to check back and play along!



scrappergrl said...

Wooohoooo MIA!!!! Way to be the coolest of "Co-conspirators"!!! I am LOVING these new layouts you're showcasing as well!! Truly rockin'!!!


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